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Jan 9, 2004
Fed up with the lag recently and fed up with the lack of service? Why not start a form of "tiered" action?I have a cunning plan to try and make GOA sit up and take notice.

Firstly I know that bad press goes a long way these days so my proposal is as follows.

Firstly make this thread a petition. By signing up you will add weight to our grievances. If the petition is big enough, I will write a letter to the major UK gaming magazines expressing our feelings over the complete lack of support from GOA.

Secondly. In the past the 3 realms have gathered to mourn the passing of friends. Maybe it is time we all gathered once more to mourn the loss of playability. It would be impressive for everyone to log in all accounts no matter what level and gather together for a few minutes. Perhaps we could form the words FUCK YOU GOA using players :) Again I would use this to highlight the fact that the game has become unplayable. I would need a volunteer to capture the gathering on fraps and make it available for anyone to download.

Thirdly. If the first 2 steps make no difference to the customer support, I suggest that EVERYONE cancel auto renew for 1 month. I know it is a lot to ask but one or two people will have no effect, however if we all make the effort to protest, perhaps someone in the dream factory will realise that the service as it is at the moment does not warrant payment.

I recognise that this thread may become a flame fest. Fair enough but at least we can try and make our feelings felt.


Part of the furniture
Apr 18, 2004
I really don't think GoA can use this right now, they have enough problems on there head, besides.... you really think it can help the problem?

(ps u got too much spare time imo)


May 9, 2004
GoA are aware of the situation.
GoA will fix the lag problem if it is within their ability to do so, they wouldn't want to lose customers.

If you don't believe that then quit and save us from the power of the people rebellion, you don't have to tolerate the lag. If you really have that much free time on your hands, possibly you should research some other online game that doesn't suffer from lag problems for you to play instead of requesting everyone to cancel their accounts.


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Dec 24, 2003
I say we all jump on a train / plane / eurostar / scooter / humpback whale and head to GOAs offices and picket their doors, not letting them enter the building or leave for brunch! This will force them to play more WoW or CoH and ignore us more, therefore taking longer to get things fixed, then we all cancel our subs and spend the money on a day trip to amsterdam where we all get stoned and eat tulips. Trapped inside their ivory tower, GOA will have no choice but to bow down to our regime, throwing their baggettes in the air, and kneeling before us with the boss of their networks team's head in front of us chanting the words "down with McDonalds, Burger King rules!!" while blindfolded and doing the hokey kokey.

Ok, my idea is off the wall, but its got about as much chance of working as yours, if not more.

Let the 1000000000000000000000000000th flame war begin!:flame:


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May 8, 2004
as much as im aggreived like many others at lag, bugs etc i really cant see people cancelling subs and finding something else to do for a month.
If people were that bothered then they would have quit already.

Also if people do quit for a month i think the uptake of people coming back to the game after the months grace would be negligable (in that not many people would return, have found other things to fill their time, etc).

A gathering to show unity of disaproval would work better.

I also would like to say that at times they do do a very good job. Its not always easy to communicate exactly what does go on behind closed doors, the problems they encounter and fix before we even come across them.

I would simply like to see more support out of office hours when the majority of players log on after work / school and at the weekend.

(oh and for them to move their servers to country specific places, so UK dont have to go through the terrible french backbone and suffer:))


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 8, 2004
Only way to ever make a company take notice and do something about their service, is to take your money away from them.

The best form of protest any of you could make is to cancel your subs and go buy something like Guild Wars and try it out - you never know you might enjoy it more and there is no monthly fee to pay ;)

As for what GOA should be doing, they should at least be offering some form of compensation for pretty much 1-2 weeks worth of unplayable service. Whether this takes the form of free gaming time, in game cash, or increased XP gains for a week or two like EQ2 did, thats up to them - but they need to make some token gesture to show that they actually realise just how bad its been of late.
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