C&C Generals Beta

Discussion in 'Command & Conquer Series' started by Xavier, Nov 26, 2002.

  1. Xavier

    Xavier Guest

    Ok, Kryt and I are on the beta and we're looking for other barrypeeps who were lucky enough to get some Westwood lovin'...

    So come on, own up!

    Thinking of opening a channel in IRC so we can arrange games etc...

  2. kryt

    kryt Guest

    Must be someone : 3000 people in the beta (or was it 5k?).

    Can't be the only poor sods on Quakenet/BW with it :|
  3. Sir Frizz

    Sir Frizz Guest

    How did you get the beta?

  4. Sharma

    Sharma Guest

    Good Question, im intrested to know too...cant wait for this to come out, i hope its not gonna have an RRP over £30 like most new PC games becuase its an outrageous price to pay.

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