Discussion in 'Counter-Strike League' started by old.|1|, Sep 29, 2001.

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    Hello, firstly im glad to hear its starting up again, was a good laugh last time round. Thanks to all the hardworking admins everyone seems to forget etc :)

    Just gonna add few ideas from myself (i havent seen/read how the layout is going to be, so sorry if what i say has already been decided etc)

    1stly, like the final of the last BWCSL, can there be an alternative scoring system, CO rules is the obvious choice, but i prefer max rounds, and with CS becomming more and more like a professional sport all the time, and now the CPL using max rounds for its competitions, then perhaps its a possibility to play Max round rules.

    2ndly, could the teams be 5v5, last season it was 6v6, which was ok, but the whole professional side of CS is now played at 5v5, its very rare to find a 6v6 competition now, and it would mean completely re-doing tactics for this competition. 6v6 CS is now becomming obsolete, could we please help it along, to get the UK more in line with how european/professional CS is played.


  2. bigfoot

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    5v5 will be the team sizes, of this i am pretty certain. As for the scoring, i'm not inclined to follow the CPL's lead because i'm fairly happy with the CO method, particularly with most of the maps we are using being de_X.

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