BWCSL Servers issue solved :)

Discussion in 'Counter-Strike League' started by csedarkangel, Jun 25, 2003.

  1. csedarkangel

    csedarkangel Guest

    Hi guys after a lot of research and thousands of tracerts pings screenshots etc finally we found the problem and the guys responsible for the servers fixed it ! Starting from today you will all have almost half ping that you used to have ! The problem occured on boxes running HL with large
    uptimes, which the CS league boxes had. They are added to a weekly
    reboot schedule and all should be fine now!
    i tested it , iahve 100 ping instead of 170 i had till yesterday and you guys will have 15-20 instead of 50 that you had ! :)
    cya all later , gj :)
  2. bigfoot

    bigfoot Guest

    Umm. Yeah. Sorry about that. /me goes off to hit some server ppl.
  3. cannonfod

    cannonfod Guest

    now can u make stuff hit on em :)
  4. plebas

    plebas Guest

    I see no change in the server pings. Still getting a desultory 50 :/
  5. Dr_Vegas

    Dr_Vegas Guest

    to be honest.. bullet reg was still bad and ping was in 50's again for this weeks match..

    used same rates on different server right after the match and had a ping in low 30's and bullets that were'nt rubber...

    Glad to see its being looked at anyway... in the meantime, if anyone has managed to find some magic rates for DSL on these servers that improves bullet reg.. pls let me know..

    will try anything now tbh.. :)..

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