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Discussion in 'Counter-Strike League' started by SAS, Jul 5, 2000.

  1. SAS

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    Right firstly sorry about the lack of news. I've been working on a number of issues, and been in talks with a number of people about BWCSL.

    The deal is next week there will be firm news about season2. (I know I keep saying 'next week', but things keep happening which force me to wait a bit longer :( ).

    The wait will be worth it, but I can't give any details about it just yet. So wait until monday (latest tuesday) for firm news.

    Posted by S.A.S
  2. Shame on u SAS.

    BWCSL = Class/l33t/etc

    UKCSL = Ok/Average

    Merging the 2 REALLY sucks.
  3. SAS

    SAS Guest

    Err that deal was a private thing which was not confirmed. Something has come up whereby the 2 leagues won't be merging.

    I checked the ukcsl site and it seems they told everyone about this already? The idea was on the table but was never sealed.

    There will be a season2 of bwcsl and ukcsl will do there season2 (possibly) and then after both are completed there will be more talk about merging.

    Posted by S.A.S
  4. old.Mani

    old.Mani Guest

    Over the years I've been in many leagues that Barrysworld have been responsbile for in one way or another, they have all been top class.

    The BWCSL is no different, I hope that any future collaberation between Barryswold and the UKCSL is as well run.

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