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    As you probably know, there is a BWCSL map in production which may have a possible inclusion in Season 8.

    The map is currently at Beta 5 stage, and now requires full playtesting in match conditions (ie 5v5 MR12).

    I require some BWCSL clans (from all divisions) to take part in this playtesting, ideally over the next week to 2 weeks.

    Beta5 is currently being uploaded to a BWCSL match server, so clans taking part in the playtest need 5 x subs as normal.

    If are intersted in helping us out, please pm me in IRC (I idle in #bwcsl and #snipers) and we can work out like-skilled opponents and possible match times.

    Thanks in advance..

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    This is the final version, however there will be a 'new' one released if Anders/Block decide to use it for season 8.

    There is no major chnages, but there is a few bugs, mis-aligned textures, boost and noclip stuff that needs sorting out, but I might as well wait until then as new ones are always being found :)
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