Loyal Freddie
Oct 22, 2004
have done the Bruiser artie on Camlann now 4 times in 2 days, and its a
shitty encounter. We walked in, encounter is up the mob thingies says, we
start to pick hammers, killing the inc waves etc. and ofc same as usuall the
Warlords wave doesnt come until there is only 4-5 hammers left (3-4 hours)
Now we kill all the warlords, nuffing drops, no encounter NUFFING. ok we try
it again... kills 4 waves of Warlords and still no enc or artifact. Any1 who
has done this properly and can tell us what/if we did something wrong.
Guildies starting to loose their temper now since it takes 3-4 hours each try.

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