Bookables and the v1.03a+ MOD

Discussion in 'Jedi Knight Academy League' started by FragFodder, Jul 9, 2002.

  1. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    The Bookable Servers are now running the v1.03a+ MOD as an option on booking.

    If you would like to give your clan some experiance of the mod without hosting your own severs, then by all means get some sessions booked :)

    Big thanks goes to Bigfoot and Russ for getting the server side of things sorted. :)

  2. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    yeah i played with my clan on the bookable today with the mod running its uber cool :p some ppl my not like the MOD but live with it if your a good player you will adapt like a BORG or somthing anyways i hope raven fix more of the explots and the only people that moan about the changes are Bad player that use the exploits like pull backstabe to win top scores i hate the fact thay took out the mid air lunge though this i think was unnessasery as only good players can use this to an advantage and is a good way to prevent a nasty Fall from a grip push Throw combo that alot of people Exploit too (its probbly gonna be the next thing ppl moan about) any ways See you in the arena PEOPLE
  3. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    Yup.. I've been hosting servers for =RD= for the last 2 weeks and we finally got a decent game tonight in the League Server Bigfoot managed to get running.

    It was a test to make sure all the settings where right (well its as good an excuse as any lol :p ). And the reception was a bit cold at first but when they got playing they started to see the good side of not being able to kill peeps quickly in 1 backstab.

    LOL I luved the glide too, started taking it for granted and the fall damage is litterally killin me :p
    Bring it back!! bring it back!! :D:):D

  4. S3-FluKe

    S3-FluKe Guest

    Yeah it was useful but it was a bug.
    It should really be a force float/jump or something.
    Personally I prefer just to avoid maps like streets but heres a tip, most people know that if your jumping you'll go flying but standing still also can stop you being pushed much at all.

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