Bonedancer question


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Feb 3, 2004
Maeloch said:
Hehe, this happen about 1am in hadrians last night? Cos I StT'd a boney and we lost the fight, so something like the above might've happened.

(btw glaciers + quint me and dunn did try to comeback and find u for rematch, but the alb stealth horde camping hmg gave us some trouble ;) )

Anyhow, normally the healer pets just die and the commander turns on the BD (wots supposed to happen). But I have seen some wierd shit b4. Sometimes the healers resist and carry on healing, sometimes they change sides instead of dying and just dont die at all (StT'd once and did 2 or 3 laps of emain while the friendly bone healer just stood at mmg).

Strangest thing I saw was a bone healer stood outside ligen lined up with all with all the bots.

Mael, 50th ment.

Problem solved:) Next time do a proper job on the BD, giving him 3 healers makes it damn hard to kill him;)

fiver said:
try post im midgard forum....why bother alb/hib with that question ?

:p see albs/hibs/mids work together to solve my question

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