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Dec 22, 2003
Don't know if anyone else has tried to use

I ordered some books about a month before Christmas due to their very good offers. After 2 1/2 - 3 weeks of waiting I spent a good 2 days trying to get through to customer services only to be told that once the books were dispatched it was the couriers problem and that the courier they used only delivered to my area once a week!! I finally recieved these books 3 days before I left to go home for Christmas. They were left in my bin cupboard by the courier. No card telling me this, I just happened to find them when I put some bins out.

Now, part of the deal on this site is that you must make one more purchase within 6 months. I had some spare cash and thought I'd order some of the Sandman graphic novells as I've always meant to read them.

The books were dispatched on the 24th of feb. I figured they'd take a while to arrive after the Christmas fiasco. So, I go into my account yesterday, only to find that the books have been returned to bol. No notes through my door from the couriers, no phone calls, no nothing.

Phoned customer service to get them to re-deliver and was told that I would have to purchase the books again as the order is marked as being completed because they have been returned.

Well, I consider that to be my second purchase from bol and the can sod off if they want me to buy anything else.

Long story short, avoid Bol like you would avoid a herd of stampeding wilderbeast.

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