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Dec 22, 2003
Don't read this if you intend to hold out and wait to see if I finish the babbling mini epic I've been scrawling down at odd times.


First of all, what peeps may not know is that myself and Shaeffer compare a lot of notes on what we're up to. Well, mostly Shuffler laughs at me but thats not the point. We had thought of getting our respective nonsense to end and comparing notes on a thread. Not so much because we've done anything good, but because its in the spirit of doing this 'Creative' thing. I love seeing others post, even though I don't always comment on it. Its one of the most worthwhile things I've seen first on BW then on Freddys and a really welcome addition to the forums.

What do I like in fantasy stories? Gods, monsters and human frailty. I have this thing about the power of the ordinary person and a fundamental belief that an ordinary person can change the world if they set their mind to it. Put this in a fantasy setting and you have all kinds of things to play with.

Oh, and another thing I was determined about from the start: Roo isn't going to be the hero. Rather, the people he's surrounded himself with are the people that make it all work. Again, this comes from one of my fundamental beliefs.

The style of writing is pretty much deliberate and I guess a bit of an experiment. I'm writing a story on a media that is different from books or comics or pretty much anything else. What I wanted to go for was a kinda comic-book approach, where you have short segments with some kind of punchline. Also, because its aimed only at DAoC players, whole rafts of description have been deliberately left out as the reader already knows what I'm talking about and I want to get on with the action. I also know few will agree with this as making the setting and creating the atmosphere in stories is extremely important. But so is driving the plot along in my mind ;)


Roo's parents are a Norse Warrior, Turo, and a Celt Enchantress, Akisha. His mother is not pure Celt though and has traces of Elvish in her blood. This becomes important later on, as you'll see. Amongst other Hibernians, Roo's mother was captured by a Midgard raiding party and taken prisoner. On their way back to Mid soil though, they were ambushed by an Albion force and all were wiped out except for the pair that would become Roo's parents. Through various adventures they sneaked, fought, hid and ran their way to Midgard, falling in love along the way. Knowing they couldn't go into any populated areas they hid in Vanern and started a family. When you find out what happens later, you might call this fate.

They had a son, who died at birth. Their second child lived and they called him Roo.

A couple of years living in Vanern and Turo wanted to get back to his duties, the need to live his life the way he felt it was meant was impossible to ignore. The tension between them mounted until he had a blazing row with Akisha and he left, taking their son with him against her wishes. From then on, he told Roo that his mother was dead, even though she still lived on in Vanern.

Shortly after re-entering the service of Clan Thodin, a Thodin shadowblade managed to steal something from Clan Nyd. Specifically, he managed to steal the Dragonwalker medallion though he had no idea how much it was worth. It took some time for Ayam to figure out who had it and once he did he needed to find the medallion at all costs. The medallion is the key to who Ayam really is. Ayam contrived for Clan Thodin to be sent on a fool's errand to Malmohus and arranged for them to be attacked in the night by both Drakulvs and the dragon herself. Well, family always stick up for each other, don't they. Ayam's bloodline is also important to this story I guess :D

So what is the medallion? Well, its a doorway of sorts. It allows a dragon to assume human form indefinately. But its a door that swings both ways - potentially it could allow a human of sufficient will to turn into a dragon. No such humans exist. Well, not yet. And because the medallion has been stolen, Ayam is stuck in human form. Yes, Ayam is a dragon.

So, Clan Thodin are sent to Malmo and are smeared, at least most of the clan is. The remainder are now vulnerable and Ayam conspires a death order on the clan for treason. Bear in mind he has some rather unusual powers of persuasion due to his true nature (go read some generic dragon lore, if you need to ask, you shouldn't be playing MMORPGs :D). Clan Thodin are systematically hunted and destroyed. Only a wily old dwarf healer, Tungusk and his troll shaman friend (was actually going to make that Damon) manage to get Roo away in time, not because he's destined for anything great, but just due to friendship and shared adventures. Roo grows up in Jordheim running errands for a tailor. At night he practices magical arts. He can't do anything officially because he's the last descendant of Clan Thodin. He has no idea what is going on at this point. Ayam knows he survived but it takes years to figure out who and he only figured out who when he catches up with Tungusk. However, shortly before he manages to kill Tungusk, the dwarf manages to hide the medallion with Roo's mother in Vanern. She doesn't know what it is, just that she should give it to Roo if he ever comes to see her. Tungusk is also able to reveal to Roo his mother is still alive by means of a sealed letter to be delivered on Roo's 18th birthday. However, its a long time before Roo can go to Vanern, as he spends many years on the run and trying to evade basically the entire might of Midgard, driven by Ayam.

In secret, Roo starts to build his own connections, founded on the misfits and outcasts and undesirables of the realm (this actually sort of mirrors the game a little and no, its not a coincidence - Fed were not accepted into any alliance til MC and that fell apart quite fast when most of MC bailed. With White Rose and The Dentists we formed a new one made from the rejects, scumbags and the non-ubers and together we found we could change the server as we grew - ordinary people rock, don't ever let anyone tell you different). Sorry, straying off topic, even if it does give you some insight.

More spoiler tomorrow or so. Tired, and have now had a lot of wine :D

Roo Stercogburn

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Dec 22, 2003
Ok almost at the point where the story actually starts now. Even though this is a spoiler, I can't resist stringing it out to tell you what the Bloodline actually is and how it works but trust me, its quite big :) Without further ado...


Roo never went to the temple to become a Spirit Master. He never had the blessing of elders or peers. He made up what he could on the run, learned when he got the chance and generally winged it. However, partly because of the way he first got hold of a Spirit (there's an appallingly badly written thread on the Fed forums which shows the story), he only ever summons his father, not some randomly chosen fallen warrior of Midgard. But thats because Hel has a job for him, it isn't particularly a favour or chance. Roo learned to disguise his father's appearance when summoned and also he referred to him as "Junior" as an in-joke so nobody would realise it was him. Shortly after I first made a Spirit Master in game I did come up with that, though the story wasn't really there, just the idea, the joke as it were.

The Kin

Fedaykin is not a name you can roleplay with or use in stories set in Midgard. Its from Dune. I always objected to the name as being innapropriate to setting, but was voted down by the two other founders. How can you still use your home guild in a story?

Well, you cheat :D

So we have The Kin, an unofficial 'clan' made up of outcasts and rogues. Somehow, the lack of something I could use made it easier to come up with this, which actually fits the story better.

Enough Babble, On With The Plot!

Roo heads to Vanern to finally see his mother. However, the fact he decides to visit is what triggers the curse, or more accurately is what allows the curse to be inflicted. Roo takes damage in a fight, and the curse is rooted in him. Because of the way the curse works, someone else he's related to has to get it too, but his elder brother died at birth and his father is dead - that leaves his mother. So anyway, Roo retrieves the Dragonwalker pendant and heads off to Jordheim.

Now a big part of the story is the stealth war going on in Jordheim. This reflects the fact that nobody in Midgard trusts each other and that each faction seeks advantage through sneaky means. Again, this partially stems from events and behaviour in-game. I envisioned the Wolfpack, The Kin's stealther division, as a kind of cross between IMF and MIB. I was also determined that it wasn't going to be Mid stealther A kills Alb stealther B and gloats or vice versa - really am quite tired of reading that all over the place. I've seen a lot of people making their stories basically of wtfpwning an enemy. ZZZZ. Lets do something a little different with our stealther friends shall we? Lets use them as actual spies, not just someone who sneaks up and backstabs something and yells "I pwnz0red J00", except in roleplay speak. Thats kind of why I made one of Blackshadow's attacks a leap through the air to kill someone, rather than sneak sneak sneak sneak stab. Anyway... Some shenanigans get some info that leads us through the rather tortuous chain back to Nyd.

Jordheim is the melting pot where the crux of the story takes place. We have the disparate guilds and clans, we have now emerging that Nyd is running Midgard quietly behind the scenes, and a couple of pointers from a meeting with the Kin that there is lots more going on around the realm. The meeting between the Kin is important because its a glimpse at some wider happenings, which matter later.

This almost brings us up to the point where I made the last post. The meeting between Roo and Borgdur is written, just not posted yet, and might finish it, partly because in-game, Borgdur is a good friend and was important to me during a lot of my time in game. He really is a grumpy bugger but I wouldn't change him for the world :D

And this takes us to what happens next.

But its late again, I'm spammed (never signed off a post because of that before!) and I need some sleep. One or two more posts should finish the spoiler :)

Roo Stercogburn

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Dec 22, 2003
Where were we? Oh yes...

Apologies if the sense of time passing isn't very good in this much shortened version, there's rather a lot going on :)

From here on, its so far unposted stuff.

Inbetween various segments there are cuts away to Turo being taught to see into the living world and learning how to summon himself, against the need Hel has fortold him will come. What he doesn't know is that the reason he'll need to be able to summon himself is that it will be because Roo is dead.

Roo mets Borgdur but can't convince him to join the fledgling association that Belorfyn is helping to set up but the dwarven blacksmith is left with something to think about.

There's an interlude with Belo meeting the Council in Jordheim and starting the ball rolling for an association. Roo returns and meets with Nicodemus and their various information is shared, Nico telling Roo about Nyd and Roo telling Nico of the dragon. Roo has no idea how to get the information from a dragon since basically he'll get toasted the moment he tries. Nicodemus tells Roo of an underground network of caves out in the frontier called Dodens Gruva, where there is believed to be a Grand Summoner, who might be able to summon the shade of a dead dragon for Roo to question.

Meanwhile a few other things are in motion.

Pieoh has set off for the Gripklosa mountains to see to the silver mine there and Nyd have also set off for Gripklosa to investigate the hidden fortress there where Roo is building an army.

Everlast have now reached Jordheim and start tracking down Roo. First of all via the bakery which was were the Kin met, they manage to get a hold of one of the Kin (hadn't decided who) but I did think up a rather eye watering torture scene: Zapsi has one his crew break every bone in the victim's hand with a hammer, they question him, Zapsi heals the hand perfectly... then they repeat the process. Ouchy. Eventually the victim gives them what they want to know and they set off after Roo but are slightly too late - Roo has left Jordheim for Dodens Gruva with a small group of companions. However, Everlast are able to pick up the trail and head after him onto the frontier.

Everlast reach Dodens Gruva after Roo has already entered. They decide to wait at the entrance and send in one of their shadowblades to track Roo, meaning to kill them when they come out.
After various skirmishes Roo and co get to the Grand Summoner and manage to have him conjure the shade of a dragon and Roo is able to find out that the Dragonwalker pendant does. Well partly - the summoned dragon only tells him that its a doorway that allows a dragon to take human form. Roo finally puts it together that someone in Midgard is a dragon, but still doesn't know who. The fact the doorway swings both ways is not mentioned though its hinted that the summoned shade has been holding something back. The Everlast SB has seen everything that happened and heard it all.

Around about this time we have the first sightings of Hibernians starting to appear in numbers on the frontier, the first indications that something is happening outside of Midgard itself. Akisha has been busy and the Hibernian nation has been rallied.

Out in Gripklosa Pieoh has been spotted by Nyd. Trigali recognises him and the Nyd trail Pieoh to the silvermine. Nyd take no action but move on, in search of the fortress, which they have a rough idea of the location. Pieoh has a feeling he's been followed but can't be sure.

Nyd find their way to the hidden fortress and manage to gain entry. Throughout all this, Krill is wrestling with his own mind - Trigali and Esola have no moral difficulties with the orders that Ayam gives them but Krill is deeply troubled. Its only the mind control that Ayam has over them that keeps him in line. This is also why he's barely able to string many sentences together, the effect is completely crippling as he is constantly in turmoil and barely able to function other than in basic ways. He agonises over every action but cannot fight the hold Ayam has on him.

The Nyd devise a plan to poison and spread a plague in the trainee garrison at Gripklosa. Esola manages to introduce a poison into some of the foodstocks and sends Krill to dump a vial into the water supply. At various times they've come across various guards which Trigali disposes of quickly and efficiently, always intent on proving himself to Ayam. When Krill is at the point where he has to place the poison in the water supply, he manages to wrestle with himself to mess the job up without telling anyone. Its the first time he's broken through the near absolute control Ayam has over him and a huge victory for him - he doesn't know why what he was doing was wrong, he just knew that it felt wrong.

The Nyd escape the fortress without any mishap and make their way to the silver mine. Despite Krill's effort, there is still the damage that Esola has created and very shortly afterwards a large part of the Kin at the garrison are dead or dying. Thanks to Krill, not all die.

Approximately fifty or so remain, though most are young and inexperienced. Greyvenom also survives the mass poisoning and determines to lead the surviving soldiers out of the fortress deducing that if someone had contrived to get rid of them, then the fortress location was now known and it was of no further use.

However, because of his suspicions, Pieoh has the guards at the silvermine on alert and the Nyd are not able to infiltrate the mine to do any damage. They move on, intending to head back to mainland Midgard, determining that Ayam can send a larger force to deal with the mine.

Shortly afterwards, Greyvenom and the surviving troops arrive at the silver mine. Greyvenom and Pieoh realise that the Kin have been discovered. Greyvenom resolves to take his troops to mainland Midgard, ready in case needed. Pieoh goes in search of Roo to warn him.

Back in Jordheim, Belorfyn has managed to gather some of the small guilds together and got an agreement in principle to support each other. It is very shaky though. He knows that lacking a more powerful clan like Valour, they will not likely get any more support.

Ayam learns of the Hibernians invading but decides to do nothing directly. He kills the messenger to make sure that nobody else has the information.

The Everlast SB makes it out of Dodens Gruva before Roo, and informs Zapsi of everything that has happened. Zapsi manages to work out who the dragon is and is troubled. However, he's a mercenary and he will not break a contract, no matter who he's made it with. He resolves to kill Roo anyway and worry about Ayam afterwards.

While waiting for Roo, Everlast are ambushed by a Hibernian advance party and have to flee. Zapsi takes his team and evades the Hibernians, but stumbles on a much larger force, heading for Mjollneir Faste.

Exiting Dodens, Roo and co head for Svasud. Hound goes on one of his little foraging trips and spots the Hibernian force. He turns tail and heads straight to Svasud to warn people.

By this point Greyvenom finally has the Kin in mainland Midgard, Pieoh has discovered that some of their business fronts are comprimised. Hound catches up with Roo and informs him. Roo orders Hound to gather the Kin and head for Mjollneir. Roo heads for Mjollneir with Nico.

Hound does a forced horseride to Jordheim to start gathering the Kin, encountering Pieoh there who tells him what has happened out in Gripklosa and that Greyvenom has their remaining people on mainland Midgard now. Pieoh is able to tell Hound where to find the Kin force so they can deploy at Mjollneir.

The Hibernian force, which is en route to Mjollneir pauses in an obscure location: more Hibernians are incoming to that location totalling around 6,000. At this point we see Akisha as their leader and there is some insight into what has been going on in Hibernia during all the events in Midgard.

Whats not readily apparent from this abbrieviated telling is that its extremely out of character for Roo to care about Mjollneir. To date, he's evaded and ran and had zero love for Midgard. All through this the Bloodline has been working away at him, changing him, controlling some of his reactions at times and directing him. He's utterly helpless to resist taking his private army, which had been intended to destroy the people after him, off to Mjollneir.

Almost up to the big battles now and a few twists I've really been looking forward to :)

Roo Stercogburn

Resident Freddy
Dec 22, 2003
Ok so we're battering on through the story. Time to tell you what the Bloodline actually is. Roo's about to figure it out anyway.

The Bloodline is basically the power of your ancestors, but you're put on a timer and forced to fight against a sibling normally. The siblings will be forced into a situation where they are in opposing forces and they will gather an army to them. Its a curse because it makes you fight your own family and guarantees an untimely death. The flipside is that whenever it happened in Hibernia it changed the realm. The Bloodline works on the victim in a few ways: it forces them against their will down a path but it grants certain powers to help this along. The victim can call on the abilities of their ancestors so if say your dead father was a warrior, you could temporarily gain the ability to wield a sword like an expert. Later on as you become more familiar with controlling it, you can summon your ancestors themselves to actually fight for you. Obviously, the sibling that knows their family tree the best has the most advantage. Everytime you use the Bloodline however, the scar grows and when it gets to your neck you are dead.

Anyway, back to the story...

So at this point we have a tiny Kin force inbound to Mjollneir, a huge army of Hibs on their way too. Pieoh alerts Belorfyn and asks him to rally the allies, and heads off to the frontier also. Ayam knows of the Hib force but does nothing about it. He does however, head for Svasud as he senses events coming together and he wants to make sure he gets the medallion back. Why doesn't he care about the Hib force? Well, the only thing they can damage out on the frontier is a few keeps, and he's fairly certain he can deal with the Hibs when it suits him. Also, he sees a chance to get Thor's Hammer for himself to keep in his lair in Jordheim. Dragons like treasure remember :)

Trigali, who has been once again watching activity in Jordheim sees Pieoh with Belorfyn and manages to overhear what they discuss. He knows Ayam doesn't want Mjollneir reinforced so he intercepts Belo before he can inform the fledgling alliance. He doesn't manage to quite kill Belo, but Belo is seriously injured. He's interupted and has to flee. The last we see of Belo is him crawling, dying, towards Borgdur's smithy...

The Kin enter the frontier and begin making their way to Mjollneir. They encounter the front edge of the Hibernian army and there is a running battle all the way to the doors of Mjollneir. Once inside, Hound is able to tell Roo that reinforcements should be on the way as Pieoh was passing the word to Belorfyn.

Believing help to be on the way, the Kin and the Mjollneir guards settle in for a siege, hoping that help will get to them in time, not realising that Belorfyn hasn't managed to inform the alliance.

The Hibernian force quickly deploy and begin their attack. With very few defenders, Mjollneir Faste begins to crumble and the doors start to fall. Roo urges the remaining Kin into the portal into Darkness Falls and makes them leave. Roo hangs back and doesn't enter. He's had an idea. He doesn't notice in the confusion that neither Nicodemus or Hound have entered the portal along with everyone else.

The second set of doors fall just as the last of the Kin enter DF and the Hibernians kill any straggling guards in Mjollneir. Roo pulls out the Dragonwalker pendant and puts it on. He has no idea how to wield it, but the Bloodline has strengthened him to the point where he can bear the burden of trying to use it without it frying him, though it is painful. The sanctum doors have rams on them while he wrestles with the medallion. Nicodemus watches while this happens. Roo is on his knees with the effort of it when the sanctum doors go down. Nicodemus rushes in and basically pbae's the snot out of the first hibernians through the door. There is a temporary pause in the onrush but its only a few seconds before the surprised Hibernians manage to kill him. Watching Nicodemus die, Roo is filled with fury and gains the strength to work the medallion.

At that point, Roo turns into an enormous black dragon, with red claws. The doorsways are smashed aside as he bursts out and the Hibernians in the immediate area are killed almost instantly. Naturally, being Roo, this dragon has various lifetapping abilities as well as the more mundane dragon lore breath weapons. Roo sets about decimating the Hibernian force who start to run in fear.

Akisha rallies the Hibernians, who are cut down very quickly. She uses her Bloodline powers to summon an undead horde of her ancestors to fight the dragon and boost the Hibernian force.

Roo swoops amongst the Hibernians killing large numbers of them on each pass, but they are still too many, and with the undead on their side, he is soon starting to lose. The Hibernians bring him to the ground and he's cornered with his wings damaged, unable to fly. Akisha closes in for the kill.

At that point there is confusion amongst the Hibernian ranks. In amongst the sea of green cloaks, fighting has broken out. Powering through the rear of their army, the front wave of which have green cloaks of their own is a large force of Midgardians. At their head is a dwarf wielding a massive axe and he is most definately, VERY grumpy.

With the confusion in the ranks, most of the Hibernians turn to face the new threat, including most of the undead. Akisha however remains focused on killing Roo. As she prepares for the killing blow, she receives an arrow straight through her eye socket. Sitting back in the trees is Hound. The undead army disappears and there remain only a few demoralised Hibernians that are quickly mopped up.

Roo returns to human form and he's in a pretty bad way. The Bloodline scar is almost to his neck and his body is battered and bloody. Out of the crowd and confusion steps Zapsi, who stuns Roo then administers the final killing blow. Roo drops like a sack of potatoes.

Now in case anyone is in any doubt, Roo is actually dead and he's staying dead. Regardless, the story doesn't end here ;)

Zapsi retrieves the medallion and is pondering what to do with it when Ayam and his personal guard appear on the scene. The choice is taken away from him and Ayam finally has his medallion back. Ayam isn't bothered about the corpse and sets off for Jordheim once more after collecting Thor's Hammer, to take it for 'safe keeping'.

Turo is finally able to summon himself and is stricken at what he sees. The dragon is not dead but Roo is. Hel whispers to him to take over Roo's body and this he does. He merges with Roo's dead body and realises that he can take on the powers that Roo had as well as his own. He cannot use the Bloodline as that curse has run its course, but he has the abilities of both a Warrior and a Spirit Master.

And now my favourite twist in the entire story.

Realising he now has the powers of a Spirit Master, Turo (in Roo's body) summons a Spirit. The spirit that is returned to him is Roo. That segment ends with Turo saying "Come on Junior, we've got a dragon to slay."

Roo Stercogburn

Resident Freddy
Dec 22, 2003
Stop. Take a deep breath. Where we at?

Well we have Turo in Roo's body now able to summon the dead Roo as a spirit (hmm, that even makes my eyes water thinking about it). Ayam is safely back in Jordheim with both the pendant and Thor's Hammer. The Kin are in tatters but the newly formed alliance has had its first victory. Everlast escape the scene of the crime.


The fledgling alliance meet in Hagerfall and decide its time to take down Ayam and Nyd. It takes a few weeks for things to be put together and in that time rumours of a dragon-man that destroyed the Hibernian army start to flourish. Turo commisions a set of chain armour and has it etched Spirit Master style and spellcrafted for maximum protection from the type of damages that Ayam as a dragon is likely to do. Also, rumours that Roo cannot be killed start to circulate (which is deeply ironic since we have 2 dead guys here).

The alliance gathers and a plan is formed. During this time, Zapsi in disguise finds his way into Haggerfall and approaches Roo/Turo. He says that they are mercenaries and must stick to their code but if the alliance will hire Everlast, they will fight for Midgard to the death. Their rate will be 1 copper piece per day.

Naturally the reader only gets to hear that there is a plan at this point and not what it is. Why spoil the fun :D There are a few hints as people are asked to round up every shadowblade and hunter that they can find, as well as every Thane that the alliance has.
Actually at this point I intended Kirinia to put in a cameo appearance and various approving comments are made and Turo says something like "I can say with some accuracy that she would raise a salute from a dead man." Its the calm before the storm, and the perfect place for things like this.

Belorfyn returns at this point also, but he has quit the temple, named a successor and intends to kick some dragon butt. However, he has promised the support of the Spirit Masters of the temple for the battle.

Ayam has heard rumours of what is going on, Trigali and other blades have been investigating. There is unrest amongst the guilds and clans but no definate move to one side or the other. Ayam knows that something is going to happen and he declares martial law in Jordheim while he tries to identify where the threat is coming from.

The alliance starts filtering its people into Jordheim and getting them into position.

The scene is set.

The final Battle

Ok, here's what I'm aiming at. You know those classic big fights at the end of James Bond films? Think of that in a DAoC Midgard setting and you're on the right track. The only thing missing is Ayam stroking a pussycat. This extended battle itself is probably an extremely long passage to write as there are several parts to it and various objectives to achieve.

For these sequences I was shamelessly going to have cameos from a large number of players and do a few caricatures. So here we go...

Late in the afternoon, before curfew, the alliance shadowblades and hunters storm the City Chambers and Council Hall. We're talking some major ninja action here on a huge scale. (Hehe, 1 short sentence to describe what would be a major setpiece action sequence.) The various clan and guild leaders are cornered and rendered innefective, unable to call their people to arms. The blades settle in for the duration.

The alliance surrounds Ayam's mansion. There is no hiding the approach from Ayam who is still not concerned. The alliance is unaware of his personal guard's true nature. The Nyd are with him, and this time the whole clan are there. Shameless reference to Nyd's Last Stand thoroughly intended for this sequence and also the Nyd's ranks are swelled by a few recent recruits as Ayam sought to strengthen his defences. Shameless cue for cameos and more references to Nyd's last stand :D

Ayam passes an order to a servant, who begins to transform into a Drakulv. He orders the transformed Drakulv to 'wake the others'.

Entering the basement, there is a passage leading to a vast cavern, with hundreds of drakulv statues filling it. The drakulv recites a spell and the statues turn into live drakulvs. Ayam's army is ready for battle.

Knowing the doors to his mansion are magically enhanced, Ayam laughs at the thought of rams being wielded. However, the alliance Thanes gather and concentrate their efforts together, summoning lightning bolts that blast the doors apart. The way into the mansion is clear.

The charge is sounded and in everyone goes and the battle is joined with drakulvs fighting and much blood and mayhem. The general rule of thumb here is that if your char gets mentioned and you've quit the game, chances are you're battlefield fodder destined for a grizly death.

The alliance forces slowly work their way through the mansion. After the initial charge, Turo and Roo follow in, heading up the stairs to seek Ayam, closely followed by the Kin and Everlast stick close by through this. We also get to see Borgdur actually smiling as he splits skulls with complete abandon.

By the time this battle is underway its dark. In the build up to it I fully intended to make references to Roo thinking that out of the corner of his eye he sees a beautiful woman watching but when he looks properly she is gone.

The alliance forces hit a bottleneck. The drakulvs are starting to cream them and are (literally at times) eating into their numbers. Belorfyn leads a Spirit Master charge right into the middle of them. Thats a LOT of pbae and lifetapping. The drakulvs are beaten back.

The Kin and Everlast engage a lot of drakulvs and are pressed. Cue Trigali and Krill to take advantage of it. They are waiting in a hidden passage and leap out. However, Krill is nearly free of the control and he kills Trigali before he can slice Turo's neck.

Trigali is somewhat surprised at this as he slides to the ground.Esola fills passages with choking fumes, but being a spirit, Roo is able to chase him down and kill him by throwing him out a window. Esola is shocked when he recognises the face that is the last he sees.

The fighting continues all around. Ayam decides to retreat to the roof to take dragon form and escape. He takes Thor's hammer with him.

Turo and Roo arrive on the roof just as Ayam is transforming and Turo is able to wrestle Thor's Hammer from Ayam while he's in the change. In his grasp, the massive hammer shrinks until its merely a a large 2-handed weapon. Out of the corner of his eye, Roo sees more people watching that seem to disappear when he turns to face them. He finally recognises them as the gods of Midgard.

With the hammer crackling and a scream, Turo charges Ayam, who is now fully in dragon form. Roo wades in with his staff and the battle is joined, the almost invisible gods making a ring around the edge of the roof. The alliance forces trying to get onto the roof find the way barred and helpless to join the fight. All around Jordheim and beyond people can see a lightning and flame at the top of Ayam's mansion, which if you remember is high up in Jordheim. Ayam tries to get airborne and finds something is stopping him.

Well, the gods are there for a reason you know.

Turo and Roo manage to finally kill Ayam. Turo uses Thor's Hammer to smash the medallion. After Ayam is dead, Turo decides he likes being in physical body and is thinking of keeping it but Hel speaks to him and convinces him to return to her. Roo and Turo return pass on. Once Ayam is dead the barriers onto the roof are gone and the various surviving allies finally arrive, as Roo's body (occupied by Turo of course) falls to the ground and the spirit (which is really Roo) fades.

Various Epilogues

Thor's Hammer is returned to Mjolneir. There is a Viking funeral for Roo on Yggdra lake. We see the clans sitting down in the council hall in Jordheim and starting the business of running the realm properly - the first order of business is to ban affairs of state from being controlled from City Chambers.
The surviving Nyd are now free of Ayam's control and decide they want a new clan to join, if any will have them (Savage Conclave and regardless of actual in-game history, its with Dozigden at the helm. Sorry :D).

And the very very last scene...

Down in Vanern, in a little white stone cottage, smoke starts pouring from the chimney...


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 2, 2004
Ah great to see the whole thing. And how satisfying, getting to kill Trigali and see Ayam dead too. A story to warm the winter nights.

Ayam Ganbatte

Fledgling Freddie
Jan 15, 2004
Dammit, if that vein spiderling hadn't brushed against my privates at 6 years old none of this would have happened.

Nice read, though, Roo. Usually when I write things, when I finally have the entire story clearly defined in my mind, I find it too difficult to lift up the pen again because the mind wanders onto new fantasies. In which case, I can't wait to see your next effort, whether that be Bloodline or something new.


So I eat apples, have NO personality, am basically a wimp AND I get killed.

By a Thane.

I mean really... there's limits to fiction, Roo, you want to try and stay somewhat plausible !

A Thane !


(everything else about me is accurate)

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