Big Fish


Resident Freddy
Dec 23, 2003
Saw this on Tuesday. Really enjoyed it. It's a Tim Burton film so you do expect it to be a bit um... odd.

Basic plot:
Father (Albert Finney) has always told fabulous tall tales (enacted by Ewan McGregor as the young Albert Finney) and although the son loved and believed them when he was young he started to disbelieve all the tales his father told and found him embarrassing. After a period of time not speaking to each other the father gets cancer and is dying and the son attempts a reconciliation of who his father really is (the truth behind the tales) with the man in the tales.

The sequences showing the stories are fantastic and the reconciliation between the father and son rather touching so you get to the end of the film having laughed rather a lot and reach what is both a happy and sad conclusion. both Finney and Macgregor are superb but the rest of the cast doesn't really stand out (tbh they don't have opportunity to).

It's well worth watching on its release.

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