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Discussion in 'RvR Discussions' started by 'Shy, Jan 15, 2004.

  1. 'Shy

    'Shy One of Freddy's beloved

    In just three days time, 8 of us Hibernians will begin our xping session from 20 to 24, then we will hit BG1.

    And we really hope there will be plenty of Mids and Albs to play with.

    So if you're up for a good time, you have about a week to get yourselves ready and come along for some full on BG1 action!
  2. Gizmo

    Gizmo Fledgling Freddie

    And we really hope there will be plenty of Mids and Albs to play with.

    You been to BG1 lately?

    If albs have ck = 20 albs at MPK and another 20 at MB, and 20 BB's in ck

    If mids have ck = same as above, just remove alb and put in mid.

    It seems that alot of people going to BG forgot that its all about havin fun there, and not act like RP hores, that they can do when they go to Emain.

    If alb/mid keep camping PK's then it will die out soon.

  3. 'Shy

    'Shy One of Freddy's beloved

    Goody, all we need is plenty of fellow Hibbies then!
  4. frogster

    frogster Fledgling Freddie

    I'll come dance just for you then :D

    and maybe PA yours friends :(
  5. BlitheringIdiot

    BlitheringIdiot One of Freddy's beloved

    We arent running with the greatest of group set ups, and despite the fact that we will be SCed, dont expect any mp, all stats capped nonsense, oh and then theres the fact that we are all rather awful...

    So basically, if you do see us (will be dressed all in teal with a lubly teal emblem) and we die horribly, then please dont come here and mock us! :p
    Dance and we might just spare you... Though I'd like to see you try and PA one of us... ;)

    Oh and with regards to the population imbalace, it works quite well. Ive been practising my mezzing (Im the bard) solo, at lvl20, and I can easily mezz 1-2fgs albs in one cast and get away without them having a clue where i came from, as they all stand at the bottom of mtk hill in a big cluster facing the wrong way. If thats what we are up against, then we shouldnt have a problem. :D
  6. frogster

    frogster Fledgling Freddie

    Isnt that half the fun? :D
  7. BlitheringIdiot

    BlitheringIdiot One of Freddy's beloved

    Depends whether you're the stealther or not...

    I dont like to over-generalise but its hard not too, Ive now been playing my bard in thid for 3 days. I generally run around and mezz stuff, i find it fun to mezz large groups, hug them all individually, then run away. A lot of people see the spirit of this, and I've been spared on occasion (one night a group of albs even played non-violence hide and seek with me!), or when beaten /hugged etc.

    Every time I /released annoyed, was due to a stealther (well rarely a solo stealther). It just seems that they use the lowest of tactics and go to the stupidest extremes (such as using a tank as 'mezz bait' then jumping you with 2-3 assasins) then they always feel the need to laugh spam your corpse. They are the type of people who go to the extremes of getting a buffbot, getting all these things to give them the edge, then everything from then on is about the kill. Its a shame :(

    Anyway, each to their own I suppose.

    ...but I'm taking names down! Once I've got a full group of people behind me who hit for more that me (ie greater than 12dmg), I shall get my revenge! :eek:
  8. Sissyfoo

    Sissyfoo Fledgling Freddie

    Don't you have a buffbot as well? :p
  9. BlitheringIdiot

    BlitheringIdiot One of Freddy's beloved

    On hib, no. This trip is about fun, fun is doable without hitting cap damage over and over... :p
  10. Sissyfoo

    Sissyfoo Fledgling Freddie

    Ah huh...check yer friggin' PMs btw!! :eek:
  11. Svendoc

    Svendoc One of Freddy's beloved

    I agree with 'BlitheringIdiot' I think Thidranki is for fun not RP's I play it for fun and prefer it to the lvl 50 RvR with all these abilities you get etc etc.

    BG's are like the original chars were ment to be IMHO and RP's and magic this and special UBER up the arse that is not of any interest to me.

    I will be back online in about 10 days and look forward meeting some Hibs again. It does make me happy to meet Hibs or Albs away from they madding crowd and have fun /Hug fight test each other etc etc.

    Wish I could hold chars at 24 and 349 RPs forever, Mythic give us this option
  12. BlitheringIdiot

    BlitheringIdiot One of Freddy's beloved

    Actually, I'm very close to cancelling our whole little trip - which would be a shame as I think it would be fun for everyone.

    I play excalibur, land of the apparant 'leet fotm rvr d00ds'. Yet I've never ever seen such a large ammount of rp hungry players, and such a huge realm imbalance. The day 2fgs albs can chase a solo bard across thid for 5mins (who was only hugging them!) and there still be enough of them camping mtk to stop any of the mids from coming down, is really quite a sad day. Then with such a huge realm imbalance (in thid anyway), you'd think the albs would make the most of the few enemies they do get, sadly this is not the case... :(

    Stop shooting yourselves in the foot!

    (Disclaimer - This was written whilst sitting on the pad after narrowly missing port, died because once again I dared to hug some albs and as such 2fgs chased me from ab all the way to hib ruins... So forgive them whining, its the only thing I've got right now! :eek: )
  13. pez

    pez Can't get enough of FH

    you have to play alb to really understand

    but anyway they are easily farmable
  14. Sissyfoo

    Sissyfoo Fledgling Freddie

    Good god! Will there ever be a trip that you DON'T cancel? :p
  15. Rookiescot

    Rookiescot Fledgling Freddie

    Now I did at first totally agree with this statement till I read his sig .....
    Buffbot and SC'd armour.
    Yeah he plays for fun :kissit:

    Fledgling Freddie Join Date: 22nd Dec 2003
    Svendoc - Pac Healer [LGM SC]
    Svenbow - Hunter [LGM fletcher]
    Svenbone - Supp/Dark BD

    Miniet - Hunter
    Minietta - Kobold Skald
    Minietti - Troll Skald
    Miniette - Norse SB (awaiting SC'd gear)
    Svenbot - BG Shaman bot

  16. BlitheringIdiot

    BlitheringIdiot One of Freddy's beloved

    Its not actually cancelled, quite the opposite. Im even more determined to kill EVERY alb we come across... :p

    Anyway, the group is lvl22 now!
  17. haarewin

    haarewin Fledgling Freddie

    not sticking up for him, and i dont have a buffbot myself (but always SC my bg chars, i want to stand a chance), but why would losing be fun? if you cant win in thidranki when only sc'd, then getting a bot is his only other option to help him win.
  18. Svendoc

    Svendoc One of Freddy's beloved

    Rookiescot I do play the BG's for FUN, I dont go in trying to die I like killing people so will get every advantage possible, not the lame arse window dragging lag which i have witnessed played by alot of albs in thid.

    I go into thid and try to pick off players in or around the zergs and if I have a few extra points to survive the zerg long enough to kill one of them then I am happy.

    I need all the help i can get as I solo alot and dont run around with another 20 chars mowing down everything.

    If I was all about PKing why would i have made a kobold Skald, answer fun.
  19. yaruar

    yaruar Can't get enough of FH


    we finally made it with our little group.

    after a hardcore xp session we got to lvl 24 (apart from me as I missed the first session so I'm only 23 *boo*) and headed to thid.

    Apart from us I spotted one other hib in the bg. This made me very sad. We did however see 1fg+ of albs and mids camping mid bridge. First run we wtfpwn'd almost 2fg's using our 1337 chaos running round like headless chickens style...

    Was quite scary knowing that any enemy would outnumber us at least 1.5 to one... we held our own though, mainly due to my experience as a healer (about 2 hours played) i think...

    Was good fun though, especially when we ran out as the full group. the second two runs we got smaller though..

    I was saddened however when i suddenly had a 4+ person stealthzerg assist training me. that's not very nice you know.

    Leafmealone - lvl 23 treeperson drood.
  20. 'Shy

    'Shy One of Freddy's beloved

    Hehe, was great funs, even tho I was way too tired to be trying any 1337 wtfpwning tactics and died almost straight away!

    Looking forward to the next run. Ohh, and nerf Necros!!
  21. yaruar

    yaruar Can't get enough of FH

    [QUOTE='Shy]Hehe, was great funs, even tho I was way too tired to be trying any 1337 wtfpwning tactics and died almost straight away!

    Looking forward to the next run. Ohh, and nerf Necros!![/QUOTE]

    nerf bonedancers too... oh yeah, we flattened the bonedancers AFAIR....

    nerf assist trains following me diving off the rbridge though...
  22. 'Shy

    'Shy One of Freddy's beloved

    Also, nerf big fat smelly trolls!
  23. frogster

    frogster Fledgling Freddie

    [QUOTE='Shy]Also, nerf big fat smelly trolls![/QUOTE]
    Are there any other kind? :eek6:

    Oh and hope to see your in thid soon! so i can wave at your super group!!
  24. BlitheringIdiot

    BlitheringIdiot One of Freddy's beloved

    New rule for this thread!

    You may only post here if you are:
    a) In the group
    b) Complimenting the group.

    Now bogger orf! :p
  25. frogster

    frogster Fledgling Freddie

    Happy? :(

    Now you bugger off :(
  26. BlitheringIdiot

    BlitheringIdiot One of Freddy's beloved

    I've seen better, I suppose it'll have to do though... :D
  27. yaruar

    yaruar Can't get enough of FH

    weehee means I can insult the group freely...

    talking of which can we get a choke chain for shy's firby to stop it sprinting into the enemy and instantly dying....
  28. Sissyfoo

    Sissyfoo Fledgling Freddie

    You're not the boss of me!

    (I hope!)
  29. Shawr

    Shawr Fledgling Freddie

    How about mentioning a sighting? :p
    Assuming you called your bard Xip like your skald then I saw you dead at MB mid side the other day. Gave you a couple of hugs. :p
    Was playing parthenope my healer. (non-sced, couldn't even afford a full set of chain :p )
  30. BlitheringIdiot

    BlitheringIdiot One of Freddy's beloved

    Ah yes thats me alright! :) I need all the practise I can get and so I tend to run around mezzing anything I can, best so far was 2fgs albs and I got away alive. Usually though it ends with me face down, having a nap...

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