Discussion in 'Warhammer' started by Bikkus, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. Bikkus

    Bikkus Fledgling Freddie

    Does anyone think that we are paying £9 a month for a game in BETA? It seems that every patch bring in more problems. Maybe I need to take a break from WAR because I am incredibly disillusioned.
  2. Xandax

    Xandax Loyal Freddie

    If you don't think the game is worth the money - then the obvious course of action would be to cancel that subscription.
    Nobody can tell you whether it is worth your money or not then yourself.
  3. pikeh

    pikeh Resident Freddy

    Get's better every patch I think. except the horrendous desynch lag I get, either down to packet shaping or port forwarding anyway.
    What Xandax said. If you don't like it, don't play.
  4. Tallen

    Tallen Fledgling Freddie

    As above, if you don't like it, don't pay for it.

    It's no worse than any other mmo out at the moment, everytime any mmo patches or issues an update there will always be teething troubles.

    Consider that WAR has already had a huge amount of content additions changes and fixes while other big titles games like Darkfail and AoC get nothing like the kind of attention and dev work WAR gets.

    There are a lot of issues with WAR atm, but each patch addresses more of those issues. At times it feels like two steps backwards, but then three forward not long after.
  5. eksdee

    eksdee FH is my second home

    well it's a server issue as much as a game issue imo. obviously it's hard to say without knowing anything that is going on behind the scenes, but my best guess is GOA are providing crappy servers, just like they did in DAoC :p

    it's really a shame because, at least imo, the game is getting better every patch and it has come a LONG way in a short amount of time. as was mentioned above, bugs and constant patching are the reality of ANY mmo. for example blizzard just did a major balance patch in the last week of the arena season (or so i'm told) and to all intents and purpose blizzard are revered as some sort of mmo gods (and rightly so to an extent, they have done an excellent job - like the game or not) for the way they have handled WoW, but even they made a huge cock-up there.

    to be honest i love the ebb and flow of mmos, it keeps things fresh - even if that means frustration at the same time ;) but all the same, lag is unacceptable. the thing that baffles me is k8p has had lag problems (so i presume the other big servers are the same) since day one, but GOA kept on opening transfers - more people = more lag surely?

    bleh, goa sucks - no new whine here :)
  6. mooSe_

    mooSe_ FH is my second home

    Some people have been claiming that they are 'paying for beta' since release, and yet they still keep playing.
    But seriously WAR right now is waaaay better than it was at open beta.
  7. Roo Stercogburn

    Roo Stercogburn Resident Freddy

    WAR is way worse than a good shag. I want my money back.
  8. Belisar

    Belisar One of Freddy's beloved

    It does get frustrating at times.

    Lag, getting dropped to character screen and being unable to log back in, targetting issues ... this all seem a bit basic in terms of a MMORPG.

    I can understand them being unable to stress test in terms of load and as long as we see these issues acknowledged by Mythic/GOA and worked on then I guess we should try to understand.
  9. Gahn

    Gahn Resident Freddy

    Yep i keep hearing good things about Aion even tho is from NCSoft.
    Autumn is way ahead altho.
    But there's summer in between so who cares? ;)
  10. `mongoose

    `mongoose One of Freddy's beloved

    Aion will be shit - sorry guys but it will.

    NCSoft are almost as useless at mmos as Sony Online.

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  11. dee777

    dee777 Loyal Freddie

    Because Tabula Rasa really raised the bar for QA and sustainability...
  12. Loneliness

    Loneliness Loyal Freddie

    Heh i agree, i just liked the dance clip. If theres an mmo i want more than any it'll be Darkfall Online but ive been waiting for that to be in shops (not digital) for 4 years.
  13. pikeh

    pikeh Resident Freddy

    Darkfall looks like the first tomb raider. Good about 12 years ago.

    Aion will be a shit grind-fest asian mmo, obviously.
  14. eksdee

    eksdee FH is my second home

    i know a few people who played the aion beta and it's a mixed bag in terms of view points, some love it and some hated it. one of the telling things one person said in irc yesterday though was:

    [20:25] <[EW]PaZZo-AFK> no immunity timers to cc, or at least negligible ones if they were there, no necessity to have target in FoV to cast on him, melee classes that stops moving to play the attack-s animation
    [20:26] <[EW]PaZZo-AFK> just plain dumb

    doesn't sound too good to me :p
  15. Loneliness

    Loneliness Loyal Freddie

  16. mooSe_

    mooSe_ FH is my second home

  17. Tallen

    Tallen Fledgling Freddie

  18. Hercules-DF

    Hercules-DF Fledgling Freddie

    fair point, but mmos are always beta, compared to other mmos war is quite good considering its so now, the only a HUGE problem is the patches are breaking more stuff than they fix and mythic will not acknowledge any server imbalance or overpowered classes
  19. scorge

    scorge Fledgling Freddie

    there will always be overpowered classes... :m00:

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