Best movie ever?

Discussion in 'The Front Room' started by Lethul, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. Lethul

    Lethul FH is my second home

  2. Fatload BoysDoCry

    Fatload BoysDoCry Can't get enough of FH

    Its blood diamond, its due to come out in the cinema's soon. I have a screener dvd of it but not watched it yet, my rl friend has and he says it is as good as the hype.

    Ill watch it tonight and let you know.
  3. Heta

    Heta Fledgling Freddie

    Blood Diamond is realy good actually
  4. Heta

    Heta Fledgling Freddie

    don't get why its a trailer of Blood Diamond tho as the text should say something about the horror movie where sheeps eat people.

    And I posted that one a while ago here in the offtopic
  5. cHodAX

    cHodAX I am a FH squatter

    Blood Diamond is very good, not great but still one of the best films in a while. It is no Shawshank Redemption though ;)
  6. psyco

    psyco Fledgling Freddie

    Set against the backdrop of the chaos and civil war that enveloped 1990s Sierra Leone, "Blood Diamond" is the story of Danny Archer (Leonardo DiCaprio), an ex-mercenary from Zimbabwe, and Solomon Vandy (Djimon Hounsou), a Mende fisherman. Both men are African, but their histories and their circumstances are as different as any can be until their fates become joined in a common quest to recover a rare pink diamond, the kind of stone that can transform a life...or end it.
    Solomon, who has been taken from his family and forced to work in the diamond fields, finds the extraordinary gem and hides it at great risk, knowing if he is discovered, he will be killed instantly. But he also knows the diamond could not only provide the means to save his wife and daughters from a life as refugees but also help rescue his son, Dia, from an even worse fate as a child soldier.
    Archer, who has made his living trading diamonds for arms, learns of Solomon's hidden stone while in prison for smuggling. He knows a diamond like this is a once-in-a-lifetime find—valuable enough to be his ticket out of Africa and away from the cycle of violence and corruption in which he has been a willing player.
    Enter Maddy Bowen (Jennifer Connelly), an idealistic American journalist who is in Sierra Leone to uncover the truth behind conflict diamonds, exposing the complicity of diamond industry leaders who have chosen profits over principles. Maddy seeks out Archer as a source for her article, but soon finds it is he who needs her even more.
    With Maddy's help, Archer and Solomon embark on a dangerous trek through rebel territory. Archer needs Solomon to find and recover the valuable pink diamond, but Solomon seeks something far more precious...his son.

    seems to me like quite an obvious plot...
  7. Heta

    Heta Fledgling Freddie

    thing is... this thread isn't about Blood Diamonds, its a bout the killer sheeps. The Blood Diamond trailer is just a comercial thats put in before the main trailer in that link.
  8. psyco

    psyco Fledgling Freddie

    like the monty python killer rabbit?
  9. Heta

    Heta Fledgling Freddie

    just watch the trailer?
  10. Urgluf

    Urgluf Part of the furniture

    No fuckin way I will watch that sheep movie lol

    I have seen Blood Diamond.. Pretty nice :>
  11. Coldbeard

    Coldbeard Part of the furniture

    That was bloody awful. Seriously, just crap.

    Looks like a parody. Oh noes, killer sheeps on an island! Snakes on a plane?! Hamsters on a tram?
  12. Lethul

    Lethul FH is my second home

    the trailer wasn't about blood diamond tho :(
  13. Fatload BoysDoCry

    Fatload BoysDoCry Can't get enough of FH

    Ahh only watched the first few seconds and saw the blood diamond clips. Ill check it again.

    Edit: Just watched it and it looks cheesy but noticed "WETA Workshop" worked on it, iirc thats Peter Jacksons special effects company, same people who helped on LoTR and Brain Damage/Bad Taste :)
  14. adoNix

    adoNix Can't get enough of FH

    lol! killer sheeps! :eek:
  15. Aile

    Aile Fledgling Freddie

    They should of made the Monty Python killer rabbit a feature length imo! ;)
  16. psyco

    psyco Fledgling Freddie

    there no longer working together and greyham chapman is dead, john clease is trying to distance himself from the francize, it just wouldn't be the same without them + they ran out of ideas:p

    sorry for spelling
  17. Aile

    Aile Fledgling Freddie

    Dosnt need the python crew, just need the Rabbit and hoardes of unsuspecting victims!

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