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Discussion in 'Vanu Sovereignty' started by Esoteric, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. Esoteric

    Esoteric Guest

    Post patch we seem to have inherited many a bad player, from killing their own folk to blowing gens and generally acting badly.

    The environment for this realm used to be mainly full of mature folk unfortunately it is changing. Lasher is great now but not worth having it if we have to have the new breed of noob's along with it.

    Hopefully they will leave shortly when they realise that cycler can still beat lasher, jh can still beat lasher and the rest of vanu weapons (inc lasher) requires skill to use.

    I wish once you chose a realm you had to stick to it cause there are 4 other servers (be them yankie doodle dandy) to try out on.

  2. Will

    Will Guest

    Heh, I'd wondered why NC had stopped blowing the gens.

    Then I realised that we don't get to cap bases any more.:mad:
  3. Uriron

    Uriron Guest

    I noticed several Vanu people using the walking corpse exploit last night (the majority from the same outfit who I won't name), one person who I shall not name I followed for 50 mins asking him to relog and he wouldn't (demonstrating that he knew what he was doing was wrong). Needless to say I reported him and will report anyone else I see doing it, if these people have to cheat to win then go play CS and leave this game to those of us mature enough to play fair.

    If these sort of things spread too much we will lose a lot of players, look at all the cheating on CS..
  4. Will

    Will Guest

    I had a conversation with a guy doing it, and he said he didn't realise he was a floating corpse, and asked me how to stop it happening. I didn't, but when he guessed how it happened, I assumed he was genuine, told him how to not make it happen again, and he relogged.

    Which saved me reporting him.:)
  5. MoratJG

    MoratJG Guest

    What do these floating corpses look like?, just like floating corpses (mkay), or like upright characters with Corpse of ..... above their heads?

    I have seen a few corpses moving around on the floor, i assume this what we are talking about.

    And how do i know if i am doing it?, dont want to get reported.
  6. Uriron

    Uriron Guest

    Hopefully you will be informed of the fact you are a walking corpse and given a chance to rectify it before being reported.

    I certainly wouldn't report someone unless they demonstrate that they are aware of what they are doing and carry on regardless.

    I'm sure that in many cases people are unaware of the bug they are suffering and bugs can be quite frequent in this game, all i can do is politely ask them to relog and suffer the flaming back :rolleyes:
  7. Manic Miner

    Manic Miner Guest

    knife and boomers work on corpses. then if you're really nice you can call an advance medic over to resurect them :)

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