Rastian Majere

Fledgling Freddie
Jun 13, 2005
/respect - you could of killed my after i killed Bjaadia and then Lecather and i was on 11% health but you didn't.
Bjaadia - /respect. i killed you 3 times. first 2 were virtually insta's. the third you mezz'd me after i Pa'd you to 9% health. you nuked me once then tried to stun but it didn't stick. a very nice effort on your part. the 4th time i saw you i just /hug and logged. i admire your determination as you still came out knowing there was only 1 SB (Lecather) and myself about.
Lecather :touch: i dunno if you're normally a good player or not. the first fight we had you jumped me the second i killed Bjaadia.you died. second fight you were healing yourself with your shammy (Behaah) from CK battlements. you still died, i got killed by a guard. then i saw you again following a pally onto MB. when the pally engaged in a fight with Bjaadia you add'd and killed the pally. then later i see the shammy buffing you again but you'd disappeared by the time i got close. i figured you'd logged when the shammy was gone. if this is your play still perhaps you should get Thugs to take you under his wing and guide you.
over all it was a fun night in thid where i've not been for a long time. i'll look forward to visiting again.

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