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Fledgling Freddie
Jan 23, 2004
I know what your going to say, but as your here to read this thread you may just stay to hear what i have to say so here i go:

I started a forum once upon a time here:
It was pretty successful, we didnt get lame responses or gimps flaming other assassin classes..often. Then the guys wanted me to register a domain name, something fitting, i spoke to Kayless, Owner or ( plug ) and we had a little brain storm and we came up with the name TheSilentDagger.

A few weeks ago i installed PHP on my website server as well as the domain name i hope you guys out there can use this for the assassin classes, critshot has the archer classes pretty much wrapped up and i believe the need is indeed there for an assassin forum / site. The site is looking pretty rough at the moment but i hope to make some good changes to the site as soon as i have time.

Id like to welcome you guys who play assassins, ie: Infiltrators, Nightshades and Shadowblades to come along register ( yet again ) and help other players out if they have questions and / or to ask questions your self, id really like my site to be the number one recognised site for Assasin classes in Daoc and the only way i can do that is for you guys to help me.

Hope all that made sense, probably not as i ramble way to much and mix my words up with words that arent even real.. ( feels himself starting to ramble... ) And on that note, Regards, Happy Hunting and Enjoi!

Infiltrator ~

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