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armsman spec

Discussion in 'Albion' started by Anaesh, May 4, 2008.

  1. Anaesh

    Anaesh Loyal Freddie

    any one got an good spec for armsman and whats is best class?:worthy:
  2. WiZe^

    WiZe^ Can't get enough of FH

    best class? u mean best race =) ? well for dmg half ogre is the way to go.

    50 Polearm
    34 Slash (or crush)
    42 Shield
    20 Parry


    50 Pole
    42 shield
    39 slash (or crush)
    6 parry
  3. Anaesh

    Anaesh Loyal Freddie

    thanks - cow race any good for armsman for damage
  4. WiZe^

    WiZe^ Can't get enough of FH

    well the have good allround stats, but i would rather go whit ogre cus of there superior str.
  5. The 2nd spec is nice.

    My Armsman was 50 2H/39 Crush/42 Shield most of the time and it was a nice spec versus all kinds of enemies. But at some point Mythic stealth nerfed 2H and I respecced to Pole and Slash.

    Slash, as Amy hits very often even versus high defense classes and it uses little endurance. After the style changes I might go back to Crush.

    I'd make an Inconnu Armsman for giggles today or a Half-Ogre one if you want damage output. Half-Ogres with 10 strength bonus at creation, capped buffs and 101 strength in template end up at exactly 401 total strength and above 400 strength you get dimishing returns for the investment, so you can buy Aug Quickness to reach cap swing speed or other abilities instead.

    I would go 39 weapon skill at least, as you will find yourself often fighting in s/s mode even if you are 50 2H/Pole.

    I suggest to use a template that has +11 to shield and +11 to parry and around 50 dex (not as important as dex has little affect to blocking, ~7.5% to block from 101 dex in template on Armsman) in sword/shield-mode, it will help you with the defense tremendously.

    As for the realm abilities, I use Purge 2, IP2, Determination 3, MoBlocking 3, MoParry 3, LW1 at RR 7L1 and will go Det 4 next. For grouping (not existant on Dyvet) I'd lose MoB/MoP and get Determination higher and invest in Dashing Defense II for "group bodyguard" when using RR5 and Soldier's Barricade next.

    My Armsman is Warlord, I miss the two handed weapon throw sometimes :).
  6. Zerubiel Propane

    Zerubiel Propane Loyal Freddie

    For damage i would suggest the Kagato spec.

    50 polearm, 39 thrust/slash (50 with skill modifiers), 34 parry, and 25 crossbow (SnapShot)
  7. zorbas

    zorbas One of Freddy's beloved

    If you can manage to use quick slam and after hit with 2h weapon is the best spec.
    Also i use the ml10 2H weapon have great proc with dot style.

    I miss my arm - hope the server to be more active to activate my acc.


  8. Anaesh

    Anaesh Loyal Freddie

    thanks guys - a lot of good advice me thinks
  9. Kagato

    Kagato Fledgling Freddie

    Wow people are still here? :england:

    On a more serious note, there is no best spec, only different opinions. As you can see already, everyone has their own idea on whats best, and they all insist theirs is the best spec, all you can do is take on board what different people say and decide for yourself who you want to believe and make your own mind up.

    I'm not going to fill your head with numbers as it's been a year since I logged on and the game may of changed in some ways since I was stomping around so I could only tell you what was the most effective back then, not now. Though I doubt much has changed, and certainly not for the better. However if I logged on now i'd still stick with the 50 pole, 50 base damage (spec + items/rr to reach 50), 25 crossbow and as much parry as possible for your RR. Anything left over in shield. And base damage i'd still only consider thrust or crush, never slash. At low RR, thrust is probably best option and still the best all rounder, crush better for the solo minded.

    However I must say I was disgusted to read in a recent patch note that Defenders Rage got nerfed after they promised our TL it wouldn't be changed, that only made me more resolved never to return alas and seriously harmed the competitiveness of Polearm specs.
  10. Solari

    Solari Can't get enough of FH

    Yeah because we all know defenders rage was balanced........
  11. Casser

    Casser Fledgling Freddie


    Anaesh from the Praetorian Guards are u still in the game

  12. Anaesh

    Anaesh Loyal Freddie

    yes for now untill warhammer is out - you coming back cas?
  13. Casser

    Casser Fledgling Freddie


    dont now ? im playing dark age og conan atm.

    how many peps is on every evening in daoc
  14. aika

    aika Can't get enough of FH

    dark age of conan ? :O
  15. Casser

    Casser Fledgling Freddie


    hehe sorry
  16. Anaesh

    Anaesh Loyal Freddie

    enough hibs on to be a right pain in the arse - (i think thats how soulbow likes it anyway)
  17. Kagato

    Kagato Fledgling Freddie

    It was perfectly balanced before they tampered with it, if they kept as a recieved style opening it would of been fine. As a frontal arc opening it could be considered to strong though personally given the double-spec issues we've had since day 1 I think it was well deserved returns for the rediculous amount of spec points required. If they got rid of double spec then i'd happily let them reduce the growth rate.

    However it was only changed because the TL gave them a stupid idea they tried to implement and then fucked up the code completely so DR had to be changed quickly one way or the other as they couldn't return it to being a recieved-style opener any longer for a reason I don't understand, not being a programmer and all.

    I'd of done things differently myself and said make it open on any successfully recieved melee attack rather then just styles. That would of been a good compromise. It would get more openings then it did before but still would stop it being used against cloth casters.

    Because we all know poor cloth casters are perfectly balanced....
  18. Casser

    Casser Fledgling Freddie


    how many PG are online.

  19. Anaesh

    Anaesh Loyal Freddie

    only friarboy and me
  20. Casser

    Casser Fledgling Freddie


    sorry to hear that :( well i might join u guys soon. ill c if i can get triak back too. and m8 its nice talking to u

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