Anyone to play EE version 1.0 online via IP???

Discussion in 'Empire Earth' started by dimitris_z, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. dimitris_z

    dimitris_z Guest

    Greetings all!</P>

    I have EE version 1.0 and i'm interested to play an internet multiplayer via IP (I'll host the game and give you my IP if you like), since i can't connect to Sierra's servers.</P>

    Please contact me at</P>

    P.S I hope to manage gathering many dedicated players and set up a game network for ourselves..

    Thank you,</P>

  2. AbPoon

    AbPoon Guest

    In other words youve got the warez version and you want to play vs someone else with the warez version
  3. dimitris_z

    dimitris_z Guest

    actually no...

    I do have an original version but i have lost the box with the cd-key... However, to be honest, i don't care if other players has the original version or no, just not to use the silly v.2.0 multiplayer menu...

  4. Agemo

    Agemo Guest

    not yet

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