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Fledgling Freddie
Dec 23, 2003
Ok i have been stupid, i have lost my subscription password,
soo i thought no big deal i have same email still ill just ask goa to mail me it no probs.
go to website , it gives you an email adress to go to .
so i write them an email explaining my situation account name and etc etc
i get an automated reply saying being delt with (11th jan) and if its not delt with go to use right now. A few days pass no email so i try to log on rightnow try login into rightnow with game pw + game login (as it says on the website and i have done many times before) and account is invalid wont let me in to use rightnow . now this is a bit strange since i can still log in the game . so i used a bit of savvey and though hey ho ill just email again and explain the "new situation" and oo lookie an automated reply saying if no reply use rightnow a few days later (today no reply still ) and hey presto still cant use rightnow (even tried using old game pw + login etc etc) (old game login + subs pw the lot)

so just mailed them again explainign situation again ,and i expect ill get an automated reply with rightnow etc again :( anyone have any Usefull ideas? main reason is new credit card and i need to change my automatic update :(


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 22, 2003
Tane from a posting by Kemor on Bw, may help...

Kemor said:
Good eve folks,

The procedure to change subscription password is as follow:
1) Make sure ALL your account informations are 100% correct and updated regularily. This is THE most important part, also be sure to remember the information with which you first registered.
2) Contact via mail. Make this mail as clear as possible. I know that we have many players coming from various countries of Europe and I'm not talking about using perfect english, but to try and make your mail as coherent as possible, to avoid "gamer talk" and d00d speak.
3) In this mail, make it clear that you wish to have your SUBSCRIPTION password changed, explain why, and give the following information:

- GAME login:
- Name & Lastname:
- Current Email:
- Email you used to register (if different):
- Current postal address:
- Postal address you used to register (if different):
- CD keys (classic and SI)

This is the basic information that you will be asked for when contacting Once they have all this, then we have two possibilities:
1) All your account informations are correct and up-to-date:
You will most likely receive a reply to your email announcing that the SUBSCRIPTION password was changed and that the new one will be mailed (we are talking postal mail here, not email). This procedure can take up to a week or two depending where you live currently.
2) Your account information are not matching what we have on our side:
Here you got a problem and we also got a problem (because it means that the case is going to get complicated). We cannot just send new account information out if what you gave is not correct, so we need more. Usually you will be asked questions related to your registration and if you are the legitimate owner of the account, should be no problem at all for you to answer. This can take a bit longer to investigate on our side, so no need to make it even longer by not replying to the emails asking for these informations. Here again, once we have everything we need, you will be mailed a new SUBSCRIPTION password.

Of course, what I just wrote above is how the system "should" work, but we are living in a world not "working as intended" all the time

This procedure can go very smooth, very relaxed.
You got a problem with your account, you contact us in a nice way, with all the information needed, you got nothing wrong with your account: you get what you want fast and nice.

It can also go very nasty and not relaxed at all...
You got a problem with some account you just bought, you contact us in some sub-human language and fill the whole mail with lies and mis-information: you get your account closed fast and nice.

Of course they are tons of other possibilities and mixes of the two situations described above including some I myself can't believe when I see them and it's starting to cost me a fortune to keep the white guys away

- Keep your account information updated ALL the time, no matter what happens.
- Do NOT save anything related to passwords on your computer. If you play at home without a nasty little brother or some Einstein dog from outter space, put a post-it on your screen or one of these new and beautiful USB-MP3 players.
- If you play in some net-café, be sure to check for key-loggers and do not always use the same computer.
- If you go to a LAN-Party, don't get too drunk and start yelling your account info.
- Do not trust anyone with your SUBSCRIPTION info. We can always (most of the time) fix problems if someone gets to know your GAME info, but with SUBSCRIPTION, be careful

I hope the answer will help, take care out there...

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