Anyone have the frozen throne yet?

Discussion in 'War Craft III' started by tainted, Jul 3, 2003.

  1. tainted

    tainted Guest

    went down to a games store yesterday but they neither had it nor knew when thre'd be a UK release =/

    anyone know when we're getting it? i so wanna play the new units and such (didnt get into beta)
  2. whipped

    whipped Guest

    It should be in your local GAME today, priced around £15-£20.
  3. whipped

    whipped Guest

    Yep, it's in the GAME stores. £19.99, although I had to ask the guys to check downstairs to find out if it was in.
  4. plightstar

    plightstar Guest

    Got it last saturday.

    I love it yet again another great expansion that is worth buying made by Blizzard.

    Still can't wait for World of Warcraft.
  5. Wij

    Wij Guest

    pfft - gimme startcraft 2 thx :/
  6. plightstar

    plightstar Guest

    Completed Frozen Trone today as well as the bonus campaign, I can't wait till they finish the rest of the installmeants to the Bonus campaign.

    I just love the FMV but I didn't like the fact they killed off Illidan I liked him.
  7. Arnor

    Arnor Guest


    ffs! Im enjoying this campaign and I was trying to make the feeling last, playing on hard to get a challenge etc.

    I wish you cancer, cancer in the ass.
  8. Oh son of a bitch can you edit that or at least put enormous great ***SPOILER*** warnings on it? It's a fecking story-driven game }:(
    One miserable post in this forum and it's a massive spoiler. Gah!
  9. plightstar

    plightstar Guest

    But that doesn't tell the whole story as with most Blizzard games, theres still a huge chunk left for u to explore, by any means I didn't tell u the best bit, I just told u a Mediocre bit.
  10. Meatballs

    Meatballs Guest

    People are damn good on to play against. I've been playing against my brother, and watching high level "gosu" replays n crap, so thought I'd have a good chance against all the other low levels I'd play against at the start, but goddamn its not that easy.

    My use of hotkeys kinda sux at the moment though :)

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