Anyone else having trouble logging into Excal ATM?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Svartmetall, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. Svartmetall

    Svartmetall Great Unclean One

    Keep getting "service not available" bullshit on main DAOC splash screen, or now just hanging at the initial account-selection login screen, every time I try to login, been half an hour of this now.

    WTF is going on?
  2. occy

    occy Loyal Freddie

    youre realm is rr :)
  3. hrodis

    hrodis Fledgling Freddie

    Yeh avin the same trouble as u mate
  4. Anny

    Anny Fledgling Freddie

    no post on daoc home yet about server being down im sure there will be soon hang in there peeps
  5. RS|Phil

    RS|Phil One of Freddy's beloved

    I think it was teetering on crashing last night tbh - mass link deads abounded in the Mid zerg and I imagine Albs and Hibs were having as much trouble.

    Probably someone pulled a room of mobs and it finally fell over.
  6. RS|Phil

    RS|Phil One of Freddy's beloved

    Or actually.
  7. mightybunny

    mightybunny Fledgling Freddie

    and the sad part is we took so many keeps and tower yesterday and we finnaly had DF again and now all that is lost again :(
  8. Foo

    Foo Fledgling Freddie

    just being fixed doesn't mean keeps/towers will be reset .
  9. IainC

    IainC English WAR Community Manager

    The frontier situation wil be the same when the server comes back up as it was when it was taken down. The only thing that happens when the server is restarted is that it recalculates who should have DF. If the number of keeps is equal, then DF will be neutral.
  10. Awarkle

    Awarkle Fledgling Freddie

    any time frame requiel on server coming back up some of us have nothing better to do :D
  11. Bloodclot

    Bloodclot Banned

    and campbonus resetted :(

    wanted to exp some arty's today
  12. Oboy

    Oboy Fledgling Freddie

    exc still down, ZZZ, nice work having server down a whole day when not patching, gifv free day imo
  13. Awarkle

    Awarkle Fledgling Freddie

    pft quit whining take some time out to see your loved ones and to ensure the insurance companys you arnt dead :D

    because when catacombs comes out im sure your not going to see sunlight for a long time ;)

    although yes givf server i think ive gone odd i actually had a conversation with another human being without the use of a keyboard :D
  14. RS|Phil

    RS|Phil One of Freddy's beloved

    I did that using MS Voice to keyboard and MSN Messenger.

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