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another question about cata :)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nimronn, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. nimronn

    nimronn Loyal Freddie


    here goes

    I am an avid daoc player as im sure many others are...

    I have a right to be able to play a game that i want badly which is catacombs on the release date.

    So ive pre orded a copy from

    if i do not recieve the game before friday from i wanted to have a back up plan..

    So my back up plan is this...

    Im currently downloading the full cata client from the US servers. its 2 gig but its worth it and itll be done way before friday lol :p

    My plan was to buy a copy from a company (which i havent looked into) in EU somewhere on thurday and ask them to give me the CD key before they send it so that i can use the cata client im downloading atm and just use the EU cd key to activate it.

    Ofc ill need to edit a file to be switch it to EU client.

    My question is this :

    if i cant find an EU company on Thursday to use, Can i buy a copy from the US and use that CD key for when its released in the UK to play on the EU servers?

    would greatly appreciate a speedie answer! :)

  2. Zenythe

    Zenythe [GOA] English Servers GM

    As the licensing is held by two different companies (in this case Mythic and Goa) you can not use a US CD key to activate an account on the European servers.
  3. nimronn

    nimronn Loyal Freddie

    ok thank u

    in that case ill try get an EU company if dont get it too me by thursday thanks for fast reply :)

    I blame DAOC for all this crap tbh - why they have to make cata looks soo good ffs lol :)

    Im going thru hell just incase i cant get it before shitty easter holidays.
  4. Javai

    Javai Fledgling Freddie

    Nice back up plan - if it works post some details for the rest of us :)
  5. - English -

    - English - Resident Freddy

    whens it actually released? so many dates
  6. nimronn

    nimronn Loyal Freddie

    its nearly downloaded now :0

    so back up plan so far working nicely - if anyone wants details on how to do what ive done/doing - feel free to ask
  7. Commandment

    Commandment Fledgling Freddie

    Taught you quit :0
  8. nimronn

    nimronn Loyal Freddie

    did - but the bloody game has had me hooked for 3 years - cant get out - arghhhhhhhhh! :p

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