And the RACE is ON


Fledgling Freddie
Nov 8, 2004
i have to laugh as i notice within game there is a lack of team play to a certain degree among certain quest's, which is understandalbe when u need to collect 15 of a certain drop and the drop rate is poor at best, and then u think do u want to lower the odds by sharing with another 1-2 player's, making the odd's 3 to 1 with a group, then u could make that at least 6 to 1 becasue it dont drop every time u get to pick up....

So it has become a race with a few chars standing around pop zone "of said creature" and who ever is the fastest gun in the west gets the inintial hit, claims the prize (fair enough u dont do that for a mob that has popped nearer another player) but i have noticed, me and another are both standing near by and a mob pops in the distance the race is on who can get across the land to him first, and then depending on who has what abiltys can decide that.

i must admit at first i was using fireball, with something like a 5 sec charge time, but there was a hunter who would pop an arrow in the same mob before i had a chance to fire, so mob lost, so i learn't my lesson, and it was Blink to get there quick and insta fireblast to claim the first hit....

So what do you think... am i looking at this wrong... maybe i am, maybe im not.... but i found the best solution to date is (i work nights) is at 4am i log on and can go around all these highly populated area's during the day and evening and get done in 20 min what would take me an hour of chasing mobs..

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Dec 22, 2003
The game does sometimes live up to the label 'Wack-a-Mole' with people just barging in without thinking of asking if anybody else wants to group/share.

Logging in at some ungodly hour (for us daytime workers) is a solution, but hopefully the population will mature after the initial rush to 60 and concentrate on the more social aspect of the game.

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