And the 2nd holocron says...

Discussion in 'Role Playing Games' started by pig, Jan 9, 2004.

  1. pig

    pig Fledgling Freddie

    A mysterious voice says, "In order to continue your path to enlightenment, you must learn Master Bounty Hunter."


    needless to say i swore alot at my monitor...

    i was sure that as a wookiee i would be given master Armoursmith (ultimate kick in dick for a species that cant wear any) or master chef (who wants to buy food from a guy covered in hair?)

    i have a feeling im gonna quit this game an wait for Tribes Vengance or UT2k4
    i have no intention of grinding up the proffession that requires over 200 hours play time to get investigation :/
  2. Pogel

    Pogel Fledgling Freddie

    Well, you could do what a lot of us do - ignore Jedi and play the game. Let's face it, if you can't face getting Bounty Hunter then Jedi won't be a walk in the park.

    Set aside the Jedi goal, set some other goals for yourself and play.
  3. pig

    pig Fledgling Freddie

    The thing is, any other profession i could handle...

    One of my friends started playing SWG a month after i did and has only just mastered MBH... Most of the time he has spent playing this game he has been solo, chasing a mark across the galaxy only to find the it swimming in the ocean, or when he catches the mark it dissapears as he hits his llc macro...

    As for setting the Jedi goal aside... what is left for me to do?
    I have done all the rebel theme parks, nearly all poi's and im pretty sure i have cleared most of the caves and outposts. The best being the nightsister stronghold on dathomir, its the only one where we HAD to call for reinforcements :)
    I have participated in player city raids only to watch covert exploiters ruin 2 hours worth of a fantastic battle. I have also defended rebel city bases from imperial players, only to log in one day and find out a small group of imperials exploited the turrets and destroyed the base when only the crafters where online. I could just spend some more time hunting for those rare babys...

    I checked the character builder last night and it looks like i can get upto lvl3 investigation without having to drop MCH. Im thinking now ill give it a go and see how long i last...
  4. Spooks

    Spooks Fledgling Freddie

    well i was half way up the BH investigation tree when i dropped BH. its not really all that bad, most of the time is just spent waiting for droids or shuttles, which i spent afk watching TV, getting a cuppa etc. for me the fun part was taking out the marks which are quite tough on occasion, espcially if you have no armor and naff weapons but i guess as a MCH you should have no probs with the harder targets.

    in the end i just dropped all of BH because i decided to go for my xmas holocron prof (trying out commando on the way ;))
  5. pig

    pig Fledgling Freddie

    well, managed to grind rifles, carbines, ranged support, trapping and most of survival today on dathomir...

    and i got given a krayt LLC an a pre nerf krayt scatter from my BH buddy :)
    i also read the BH forums and am slowly learning how to avoid all the bugs that i may encounter...

    totally forgot about a nice krayt enchaced Bowcaster that i bought way back wen i was a sniper, really helped with the baz nitch slaughter :D

    im really annoyed fishing is bugged at the moment, had to macro survival using some of the hides an bone i have collected incase i got armoursmith...

    the hard part comes tomorrow when i have to surrender the stances line of pistoleer, gonna hate not having pistol whip and my trusty DX2 :(
  6. Moon

    Moon Fledgling Freddie

    I'm ignoring my holocron and playing the classes I want, and really enjoying it .
  7. Jonaldo

    Jonaldo Can't get enough of FH

    Too many people are going the Holocron/Jedi route playing this game and it really is starting to kill it.
    Every entertainer is now an afk'er with macros running every 30 seconds asking for tips and heals.

    The point of the game is that it's a mmorpg and you're supposed to enjoy the community and just do things for fun and immerse yourself in the game. Not try and complete it, after all it is a game that is supposed to have no end.

    The same thing killed Dark Age of Camelot, the xp'ing just became a grind. There was no exploration, no excitement, no fun. It was just grind grind grind then go rvr and grind grind grind realm points.
  8. pig

    pig Fledgling Freddie

    The only reason im doing my Holocron professions now is so i can have a hope in hell of beccomming a Jedi. I know full well that even after my 4 holo's ill still have to be very lucky to hit upon the 5th silent profession.

    Play this game for a couple more months, then tell me your not going to try doing the same thing...

    If i do stay and grind BH, and the remaining 2 holocrons, im then going to go back to doing what i like best, train back up CH and lead groups of friends around scary places like dathomir, Lok and Endor... Or carry on hunting for those RIS components for my display wall :D
  9. Old.Ben

    Old.Ben Fledgling Freddie

    Master BH is nothing, and once/if you make jedi u'll wish you never dropped BH to continue holo grinding.

    Its an ass :flame:
  10. Venum

    Venum Guest

    Don't We All Know It

    Totally agree with this 100%, the game should be about having fun, not completing every single objective possible just to become what you believe is the most powerful class in the game, but who are we to tell you how to play it ay ;)
  11. pig

    pig Fledgling Freddie

    Im stuck now, standing around various busy starports jumping on people who ask for training. Up until now i have always been capped on app xp so had no idea how long it takes to get 620 points when you really need it... I hate people spamming so i have my short 1 line /shout running every few mins, offering training in all marksman/scout and CH for free...

    Then this guy starts running around in circles around my feet am im thinking wtf is he doing... Eventually i realise i have him on ignore, no idea why... so i unignore him

    this tool is spamming a 4 line macro ever couple of seconds offerering training in all the skills i offer but he will pay 5K per skill... every time my /shout goes out he spams his /shout until mine dissapears from the chat bubble above my head :/
    I give a little /lol and ask is anyone else has this guy on ignore, everyone who is trying to sell anything chuckles back saying yes :)

    Hopefully, if i ever hit MBH, some form of player bountys will added (not just jedi bounty) Bet the mission terminals will be full of missions for this type of tard.
  12. Lam

    Lam Fledgling Freddie

    I had the idea of starting to holo grind but I just decided I that I would have more fun playing a profession I would love to play.

    So I started on the Bounty Hunter tree and so far I actually find it a fun profession and I'm enjoying every single moment of it.

    I doubt if I'll ever start holo grinding just because it's an aspect of the game I don't like and I think it has ruined the game in some ways.
  13. Tenko

    Tenko Fledgling Freddie

    I chose Bounty Hunter as the profession I wanted before the game was even in Beta.

    Now that I know how hard it is to Master it will be a very long time before i'll give it all up and start the FS grind, in fact i'll probably start on a new server 1st and keep my first char a BH forever.
  14. pig

    pig Fledgling Freddie

    My friend keeps telling me how lucky i am that its my 2nd holo... If it was my silent, i would never have even attempted it.

    Now the worst thing i have to do would be master dancer ;)
  15. Spooks

    Spooks Fledgling Freddie

    i always thought that master merchant would be a nightmare. i'm not even sure how you get merchant xp! :p
  16. pig

    pig Fledgling Freddie

    OOooo forgot about that one, if i got merchant as a holo there is abasloutly no way i would do it. As far as i know the only way to get merchant XP is to have active vendors with people looking at them every 10 mins or so... or by putting an entry fee on your house.
  17. Spooks

    Spooks Fledgling Freddie

    hmm guess its possible to get a friend to repeatedly go in and out of your house then? or stock a vendor with basic camps for 1 cred each and get friend to buy em all :clap:
  18. pig

    pig Fledgling Freddie

    maybe... the only merchants i know are alt characters of people who own large stores.
  19. pig

    pig Fledgling Freddie

    ignore all the above posts with me moaning about BH :p

    BH is great fun and not as buggy as everyone says ;)
    At lvl 2 investigation now, half way to lvl3. Soon as i hit the XP cap on inves 3 ill be dropping MCH, thats when ill go insane with no pets :p

    Would suggest to anyone tryin BH to get to the investigation XP cap at novice (1000XP) then train lvl 1 an 2 at same time, then move onto the real missions where the marks move about, and you have to use droids to find them :)

    its just slow... lonely work...
  20. chipper

    chipper Can't get enough of FH

    you get merchant xp by ppl buying things off your vendor or setting a entrance fee to your house etc

    im enjoying going for jedi tbh, at first made master doc and CH which was fun for a while i came off holiday swore i wasnt gonna go for jedi but i got bored like 2 days after gettin off holiday :/ so i thought f00k it i got nowt better to do ill go for jedi, and im enjoyin it i dont have a problem trying the new classes i like the fact you lhave to get different types of xp unlike daoc where its kill you get 48,342,434 xp :/ repeat and rinse on same spawn for 2 weeks

    for me swg is about playing the different classes if i happen to get a class from a holo i enjoy playing i might keep it but till that happens get rdy for a dark jedi :D
  21. Healer McHeal

    Healer McHeal Fledgling Freddie

    btw, u can do BH in under a week, and i know that for a fact, they made it so u can get investigation line alot easier, too easy now imo, it was too hard to start with, now its too easy, and no, im not a BH, but i know enough of them, being mDoc gets me known quite quick.. heh

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