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  1. MesS°

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    This is a placeholder :) Please post your requested updates below and they will be processed and the posts removed when the thread is updated to keep it easy to read :)
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  2. MesS°

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    Housing information

    Albion's who is who and what and where and how!

    This is the Updated/Edited version of the old tread on Barrysworld.
    Thanks to all who helped gathering info, you know who you are...

    Click on the guild name to see the guild webby...
    Click on the 1st link after the guild name to see contacts, linked to HB's forum...
    Click on the alliance name to see Duskwave's record of the alliance, alliances are sorted by rps. as they where 01/12-03...

    If you want to add updates to the alliance listing go here.

    Last update [see last edit time, at the end of this post]

    Herfølge Boldklub alliance
    Herfølge Boldklub : Contacts - Plot 165/waterford
    Guardians of light : Contacts - Plot 166/Waterford
    Black Falcons : Contacts - Plot 452/Dalton

    Shadowlords Society alliance
    The Shadowlords Society : Contacts - Plot 543/Dalton
    Dragon Knights : Contacts - Plot 361
    The Corporation : Contacts - Plot 193/194
    Illuminati : Contacts
    The Prodigy : Contacts - Plot 199
    The Dragon-Fighters : Contacts
    Ad Glorium : Contacts
    ASq : Contacts - Plot 75/Rylestone
    Caballeros del Grial : Contacts - Plot 160/Waterford
    Vindicators : Contacts
    Insurgence : Contacts
    Custodia Malacitana : Contacts - Plot 177
    The Choir : Contacts - Plot 286/Dibble's Bridge

    Fellowship alliance
    Angels of Death : Contacts - Plot 168-170/Nappa
    Angels of Retribution : Contacts - Plot 327/Skipton
    Arcania : Contacts
    Avengers of Pendragon : Contacts - Plot 179
    Covenant of Zak : Contacts - Plot 69
    Crusaders of Albion : Contacts - Plot 158/Waterfort
    Dark Predators : Contacts
    Flemish Lions : Contacts
    Forgotten Few : Contacts
    Humberton Guard : Contacts - Plot 156/Waterford
    Keepers Of The Light : Contacts
    Legion of Honour : Contacts
    PrimEvil : Contacts - Plot 164
    Red Dragons : Contacts
    Reign of Chaos : Contacts - Plot 3
    Silver Serpents : Contacts
    The Merry Men : Contacts - Plot 6/Ecclestone
    The Ministry : Contacts - Plot 542/Geldwine
    UK Mercs : Contacts - Plot 8/Eccleston

    Knights of Pendragon alliance
    Knights of Pendragon : Contacts - Plot 229/Rilan 173/Klinsey
    Dark Prophecy : Contacts
    Black Phoenix
    The Royal Guard
    Praetoria Legion

    The square table alliance
    Caballeros Pikones
    Guardianes del Grial
    Ira y Fuego
    Santa Inquisicion
    Sin Dios Ni Amo
    Canus Lupus Erectus : Contacts - Plot 122/Foxup

    Mortem Minimum Est alliance
    Guardia Dolorosa
    Mortem Minimum Est
    La Mano

    Legion of Darkness alliance
    Legion of darkness : Contacts - Plot 150/waterford
    Semper Fidelis : Contacts
    Band of Brehons : Contatcs - Plot 411
    Pax Dei : Contacts - Plot 2/Eccleston
    First Cohort : Contacts - Plot 402/Dalton
    New Order : Contacts

    Blade&Quill alliance
    Blade&Quill : Contacts - Plot 263/Nappa
    Knights who say Ni : Contacts
    Righteous Bastards : Contacts - Plot 267
    Dead Dragons Society : Contacts - Plot 159/Waterford
    Knights of the Rose : Contacts
    The Gathering : Contacts - Plot 204/Middlehame
    The Equilibrium
    Family Tiggrs : Contacts

    Drakan Templars alliance
    Drakan Templars : Contacts - Plot 423/Dalton
    The Supremes : Contacts
    Nosferatu Reges
    Brotherhood : Contacts
    Valar Morghulis
    Phoenix Legion
    Nighthawks : Contacts
    Frozen Heart
    The Lost Souls of Atlantis : Contacts - Plot 171/Kilnsey
    Strength and Honour - Pembroke/725
    Blood Lust : Contacts
    Protean Knights : Contacts
    LeFAp : Contacts

    Knights 0f The Round Table alliance
    Three Lions : Contacts
    Knights of Camelot
    Golden Hands of Gain
    Dungeons and Dragons
    Chaos Theory : Contacts
    Sauvage Knights
    Knights 0f The Round Table
    Valorous Vigilantes
    Guild of Clerics
    Dark Sentry

    Knights Of The Cross alliance
    Cast Of Glory
    Flameblade Templars
    Restless Geeks
    Storm Troopers
    The Lethal Albion

    Temple of Darkness alliance
    Temple of Darkness

    Crimson Dream alliance
    Crimson Dream
    Da Noob Company

    Custodians of Albion Alliance
    Custodians of Albion
    Xth Legion
    Lupus Infernus

    Royal Barvarians : Contacts - Plot /Baugh Fell
    The Monastery Of Shaolin
    Catholic School Girls
    Defenders Of Camelot
    Wanderer Of Avalon : Contacts
    Servants Of The Old Way : Contacts
    Frost Wolves : Contacts
    Guadianes del Grial : Contacts
    White Tigers : Contacts
    Ferus Legionis
    Femme Fatales
    Frost Wolves
    Brotherhood of the Wolf
    Danish Valor
    Defender of the Crown
    Crack Suicide Squad : Contacts - Plot 19/Revington
    Knights of the Lake : Contacts
    Black Legion : Contacts
    Havoc : Contacts - Plot 412/Townsend
    Purple Power : Contacts - Plot 174
    Custodians Of Albion : Contacts
    The Brethren : Contacts - Plot 216/Semer Water
  3. Dardamein

    Dardamein Fledgling Freddie

    Update issue

    We, The Choir, have a nifty new website and we consider the old one no more.

    Welcome to visit the Tavern of Twenty Tales

    Thanks MesS for this thread
  4. MesS°

    MesS° Fledgling Freddie

    Your welcome Dard... Your info have been updated on HB's forum, will be here once a few more update with new info...

    Feel free to stroke my epen with a reputation point... ;)
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  5. Chopke

    Chopke Fledgling Freddie

  6. MesS°

    MesS° Fledgling Freddie

    Noted, thanks for the upddate... :)
  7. Rhirap

    Rhirap Fledgling Freddie

    Frozen Heart no longer has an alliance
  8. rales

    rales Loyal Freddie

  9. Dimmer

    Dimmer Fledgling Freddie

    Knights of the Round Table is a part of our alliance :D Website is: and guild house is plot 386

    on advance TY
  10. Rhirap

    Rhirap Fledgling Freddie

    ok scrap that, Frozen Heart is now part of Blade & Quill alliance, out house is 171 :)
  11. ExRex

    ExRex Fledgling Freddie

    Guards of Avalon

    Member of Shadowlords Society alliance


    contacts i know of:

  12. Chilly

    Chilly Balls of steel

    The Merry Men have ditched the fellowship cos they suck ass (not rly we wub methos) and jumped on the legion of darkness wagon (roar mezzi). Keep all contact info same :)
  13. DaanLand

    DaanLand Fledgling Freddie

  14. Maoni

    Maoni Fledgling Freddie

  15. Hendrich

    Hendrich Fledgling Freddie

    Can you please remove Drakan Templars Alliance from the above listed. Blood-Lust and Drakan Templars have left the alliance and remaining members reformed.

  16. Cadaran

    Cadaran Fledgling Freddie

    Update List

    HI there, could you please Move Lost Sould of Atlantis from Drakoran Templars Alliance to Knights 0f the Round Table Alliance, and our house number is 609, not 171

    Thank you.

  17. crusaderr

    crusaderr Guest

    Plz Add my guild "De Grønne Slagtere" to the listings
    Contacts are:

    We are currently i NO ALLIANCE at the moment

  18. Celynne

    Celynne Fledgling Freddie

    The Dragon Legion is part of the Blade & Quill Alliance,
    Old Sarum plot 664

    Cheers :D
  19. Dafft

    Dafft One of Freddy's beloved

    Would like an update too pls

    Alliance: Pack of Bastards
    Guilds: Pack of Bastards, Chaos Theory, UK Mercs, Chillys Uber Neon Tin Squad
    GM's: Sock, Washington

  20. Milky

    Milky Fledgling Freddie

  21. eggy

    eggy Fledgling Freddie

    Synergy is part of an alliance with the same name...current guilds:

    Synergy -
    SynORGY (alt guild)
    Apocalypse Dudes

    We are not recruiting - stop flooding my PMs! :)
  22. Dafft

    Dafft One of Freddy's beloved

    Please add:

    Avengers of Pendragon & UK Mercs & Femme's Fatale to Pack of Bastards alliance
  23. Zagg

    Zagg Fledgling Freddie

    Update on Guardians of Light

    Our new home is in lot 71/Rylestone

    Our new contacts are:

    Herbal (once a month)

    Everything else pretty much stayed the same.
  24. Muchmore

    Muchmore Fledgling Freddie


    Drakan Templars and Phoenix legion are now in an alliance together.
  25. asyveth

    asyveth Fledgling Freddie

    Guards Of Avalon has created a new alliance called Defenders of Albion
    Our website is

    The guilds in the Defenders Of Albion Alliance are as follows

    Guards of Avalon
    Avengers Of Pendragon
    Femme Fatales
    Dungeons and Dragons
    Thayvian Circle
    Strength and Honour
    Lost Souls of Atlantis
    The Iron Wind
    Celestial Knights

    Contacts are as follows



  26. Sparkimus

    Sparkimus Fledgling Freddie

  27. Moggit

    Moggit One of Freddy's beloved

    Free Spirit

    Free Spirit Is in the Fellowship alliance and can be found at house 1000 and most of the houses in the village around it
  28. CrimsonHaze

    CrimsonHaze Fledgling Freddie

    This thread is a bit defunct what with Roll of Honour et al. It's also very dated - NightHawks now head up an alliance of 8 guilds:

    NightHawks Alliance:

    Broken Swords
    Albion Mafia
    Army of Justice
    Teh BoyZ In BluE
    Sacred Knights
    Ordo Gladius

    Alliance NH GM Contacts:

    Karahee DeathServant
    Crimsonhaze BloodMist
    Mage Milamber
    Darkamor Mortkiss
    Agarwaen Mormegil
    Aaob Daemonbane
  29. MesS°

    MesS° Fledgling Freddie

    Iwe asked the mods to desticky this months ago, when i started wow beta...

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