AF30/60 BG1 Armour looking for a home


Loyal Freddie
Jan 24, 2004
I try to keep a stock of BG1 armour on my CM. I purposely make lvl 30 to get the additional imbue points to make capping easier and future proof the armour (well at least for a while :p)
All armour is 99%+ (if I get an MP I sell for same as 99% so you may get lucky)

Plate Armour
Adamantium Plate Gauntlets, AF60 – 40G
Adamantium Plate Helm, AF60 – 120G
Adamantium Plate Boots, AF60 – 40G
Adamantium Plate Legs, AF60 – 120G
Adamantium Plate Sleeves, AF60 – 75G
Adamantium Plate Breastplate, AF60 – 180G​

Chain Armour
Adamantium Chain Mittens, AF60 – 30G
Adamantium Chain Coif, AF60 – 100G
Adamantium Chain Boots, AF60 – 30G
Adamantium Chain Legs, AF60 – 100G
Adamantium Chain Sleeves, AF60 – 60G
Adamantium Chain Hauberk, AF60 – 160G​

Studded Armour
Adamantium Studded Gauntlets, AF60 – 15G
Adamantium Studded Helm, AF60 – 40G
Adamantium Studded Boots, AF60 – 15G
Adamantium Studded Legs, AF60 – 40G
Adamantium Studded Arms, AF60 – 30G
Adamantium Studded Vest, AF60 – 70G​

Cloth Armour
Seamist Quilted Gloves, AF30 – 15G
Seamist Quilted Cap, AF30 – 40G
Seamist Quilted Boots, AF30 – 15G
Seamist Quilted Pants, AF30 – 40G
Seamist Quilted Sleeves, AF30 – 30G
Seamist Quilted Vest, AF30 – 70G

Seamist Fancy Quilted Robe, AF30 – 80G​

Leather Armour
Imbued Roman Leather Gloves, AF60 – 10G
Imbued Roman Leather Helm, AF60 – 30G
Imbued Roman Leather Boots, AF60 – 10G
Imbued Roman Leather Leggings, AF60 – 30G
Imbued Roman Leather Sleeves, AF60 – 20G
Imbued Roman Leather Jerkin, AF60 – 50G

Embossed Roman Leather Leggings, AF62 – 70G​

Possibly a few ROG on there to help with a template as well.

So /houseface 252 and enjoy.

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