AF 102 MP Leather

Discussion in 'Albion' started by Garaen, Jul 27, 2003.

  1. Garaen

    Garaen Guest

    Three question's

    1) Does anyone know any crafters who will craft MP leather?

    2) How much roughly does a full MP Leather set cost

    3) Does anyone have any MP Leather bits for sale?

    That is all. :p

  2. Dimse

    Dimse Guest

    Actualy I know one. ME! =D

    a Full set of af 102 mp leather would cost about 7.8p

    I work with fixed prices so whether you get a mp in first or 100 attempt the price stays the same.

    Sadly I have no mp Pieces in stock.

    Feel free to pm ingame to place an order
  3. ill have a full suit for my infil

    ill pay in advance o/c
  4. Dimse

    Dimse Guest

    Ok =)
  5. squark

    squark Guest

    PM Thorn ingame... Lgn tailor :D

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