Discussion in 'MechWarrior 4' started by Shaft, Mar 17, 2003.

  1. Shaft

    Shaft Guest

    Hello guys!

    I was wondering if the MW4 Community is still active...?
  2. Sir Frizz

    Sir Frizz Guest

    There ever was one?
  3. ECA

    ECA Guest

    I think i'm responsible for the creation of these forums, so feel free to pm me ( Gryff ) on irc if you want a game.

    Best bet is #barrysworld

    or pm me.
  4. Shaft

    Shaft Guest

    I was just wondering if it was worth re-installing the game, coz I never got the time to play it online.
  5. Sol-

    Sol- Guest

  6. Gargantuan

    Gargantuan Guest

    MW4 is mainly played on MSN's gaming zone which is mainly inhabited by our stateside friends.

    MW3 never took off here nor did MW4 but plenty of europeans play on the zone or through gamespy etc.
  7. carbonizer

    carbonizer Guest

    Sure would like to hear if anyone wants to start up MW4 here or where you are hanging out

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