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Discussion in 'Terran Republic' started by Release, May 31, 2003.

  1. Release

    Release Guest

    ... in here isnt it, lets talk about something :D
    lets see... hmm... so what enemys do you fear fighting the most?
    For me its everyone, since I seem to die in 3hits and everyone else lives through 2full clips of my Rocket Rifle :mad:
  2. old.Dillinja

    old.Dillinja Guest

    Lol, I fear maxes, evil evil maxes.
  3. bone_idle

    bone_idle Guest

    Vanu's when they attack whole islands at once instead of seperate instalations. Nice tactic though, If only TR's would just stop screaming LFS all the times and starts their own group.

    Oh i forgot noone likes being a group leader because you dont get any BEP's only CEP's :( .

    Thats what happened to me last night.
  4. CliffyG

    CliffyG Guest

    Aye Maxes are scary, no point even fighting them on your own really cos it takes at least 2 clips AP to do any damage to them and i'm usually very dead before then. Quite dislike Reavers too, even the thickest of forest isn't enough to lose them :(.
  5. Saturnine

    Saturnine Guest

    But CeP's let you see all the enemies around your area and you can draw (obscenities) on the battlemap for all to see :clap:

    but aye.... I can almost see command-bots cropping up...:rolleyes:
  6. Everyone suddenly wants CEPS now, they have they br14 and now are after the CR extras so they can say they are etc etc CR rather then its uses :(

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