A few questions about artifacts.


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 25, 2004
In 1.68 templates artifact bonuses getting nerfed:+26 max on stats and +10 on melee damage/melee style damage/haste/fatigue (?);what about AF and hits? someone know the extact ammount we can get ?

If I m a tank and I have an artifact weapon on my third slot and I 'm currently trying to xp it using the weapons on the other 2 slots, my item is going to gain xp?

Thx in advance for your time.


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 3, 2004
AF 55

Hits ?

And yes, the weapon in your third slot will gain xp.


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Dec 23, 2003
Cap to AF is actually 50, it is then modified by your class to give effective AF.

I am a nightshade and I wear 10% absorbtion leather armour, therefore my 50 AF is changed to 1.10*50 = 55AF

If i was a plate wearing pally with 34% abs, then my 50 AF would give me 50*1.34= 67 AF. etc etc

cap to hit points is 200 from TOA items,
and extra hits from SC is still 200. so you can sc up to 400 hps on your suit now, but dont gimp your resists whilst doing it, to imbue 200 extra hits cost about the same as ~35% resist in your sc template.

Some extra bits:
Haste from TOA is capped at 10% (in 1.68) and when stacked with Druid haste, the smaller of the two hastes is halved before added.

Say i have 20% red druid haste and 10% TOA haste, the 10% is halved before added. so this gives 20+10/2= 25%

1 thing I want to know about is how Fatigue factors in. Does it add a % to your endurance bar? or does it reduce the end cost of each styled swing by a % ?

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