6 months for this?!


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Dec 22, 2003

After a long and interesting thread here, this is the punishment:

taken from another forum said:
Just seen this from ages ago - and being the driver of the elise, it was interesting reading everybodies comments.

Should we have been driving escorts, this whole ordeal wouldn't have happened

for the record, i got six months. The engine in the video on the elise was the old supercharged engine. When I sold it, it had a 10k QED engine.

Can laugh about it now, didn't feel the same way when it looked like i may lose by job....

6 month ban, got done for careless driving. They tried to pin Dangerous Driving on us, which carries a criminal record - obviously not good if you work in banking.

It took a year to get to court, every month i'd go to Bow Magistrates and they would adjern it as they couldn't find the video. Finally went to Crown court, i was there for a week. Police had a real chip on their shoulder about it, maybe because we were both quite young. As i've said, if we were in escorts we probably would have got a fixed penalty.

We had good barristers, was amusing seeing the plod getting torn to shreds when asked to repeat what they meant when they were swearing.

Complete waste of time, but beware to anyone driving a nice car. Spirited driving, yes. Dangerous driving, no.
Dangerous driving? My arse. Tell it to the van driver 20 feet from my bumper last night on a NSL country road, in the wet, at 65mph.

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Dec 22, 2003
Further cementing my opinion that the police are cocksuckers. I've not read the PH thread but i observed that:

1) They tailed them for a long time because they had jack shit on them (apart from the odd 35 in a 30 and they booted it to a safe speed).

2) The Ferrari and Lotus drove safely, signalled, had careful lane positioning, were no hazard in the slightest.

3) The police had complete disregard for red lights, hatched areas and safe lane positioning. If they were chasing Osama Bin Laden, i'd understand; but lets face it, they're fucktards.

4) Their remarks over age shows exactly how their thinking - they should be utterly ashamed of themselves (tbh, they're in the wrong job).

5) The safe driving of the lotus/ferrari obviously went against the expectation of plod, as accentuated by "don't tell me they've gone all sensible" - clearly they were following them for no reason other than two performance cars with young drivers.

Don't get me started on the hopelesness of the police force and what a fucking waste of tax payers money that "chase" was. How on EARTH did they get done for careless driving?!


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Dec 26, 2003
The cop's driving was terrible, he should've been suspended for careless driving long before the Elise's driver.


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Dec 26, 2003
Well that certainly turned into a terrifying death ride! What were those crazy young hoodlums thinking? Following each other in sports cars at 65MPH... thank God for the law...


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Dec 14, 2003
Fucking laughable to be honest... bit puffy that Lotus engine by the way :p

If that was supposed to be fast then my morning trip to the station and back would piss all over an F1 Ferrari :D

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