[5thW] are recruiting for battlefield and the upcoming vietnam



The 5th Wiking clan are recruiting a new bf1942 squad for the up coming release of Bf vietnam , We require commitment & skill for the battles ahead as well as the ability to work within a team under a unified command structure. If you think that you have the time, skill & dedication required then you might be what we are looking for. In return we offer friendly barracks with good fun & team play.We also play in the following games - mohaa , cod , dod and freelancer. we are very well run and setup clan and have been around since the days on the mohaa demo .

We have Superb Dedicated Server Facilites .


Server info
10 Channel - 60 User Dedicated Team Speak 2 Server.
10 Channel - 60 User Dedicated Backup Team Speak 2 Server.
Chat Room & IRC for Briefing etc
Regular Practice
Awards & Promotion Systems.
Hard Working Officers To Help With Problems
Quality phpBB2 Ad-Free Dedicated Forums
Tactical Training & Member Support.
On Server Training.
Web Site designed to give the Soldaten the information they need.
Regular Practice Wars
Regular Clanbase League Matches

So if u think u got wot is takes visit

and sign-up

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