2v2 league starts tonight

Discussion in 'Jedi Knight Academy League' started by FragFodder, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    Good luck all :)

    If you're up against JCC2 be nice, I'm rustier than the rusty thing thats been left to rust :p

  2. Shaft

    Shaft Guest

    I'm not playing against JCC2.

    You might meet JCC TS in the Quarter & Semi finals.

    Anyway, Good Luck to you FragFodder & Woolley, may the Force be with you.

    And remember: Just have fun will ya?
  3. Damage

    Damage Guest

    oh Shaft you ********** person! :eek:

    Who says we'll make it to the Quater final :confused: (I have a habit 2 not even make it thru the second dropout)
    I'm damn rusty @ (T)FFA atm.

    Jkon1 and ANO2 looks ok aswell
  4. Shaft

    Shaft Guest

    Would you please read my post again? What does it say?

    And what does might mean? It means, maybe, perhaps, a chance of, etc etc.

    I didn't ment we'd actually get there, but there's always a possibility :rolleyes:
  5. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    maybe you might meet RSO in the semi or quater finals too.

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