2003, year in review. 2004, things to come.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Brannor McThife, Jan 2, 2004.

  1. Brannor McThife

    Brannor McThife Fledgling Freddie

    So, that year is finally over.
    What do you remember about it? The first time you got zerg by assassins while frolicking on the green hills of Emain Macha? Your first ever level 50, and getting YOUR epic armour? Buying your own house? Reaching LGM status as a crafter? The friends and foes you've made? The arrival of your own personal nemisis in Cruachan Gorge/Forest Sauvage/etc.?

    What is it that you remember?

    For me, 2003 was not a perfect year. It started kind of good. I had been made redundant and was enjoying a nice little holiday where I could play all day long. I got to test SI thoroughly and met a bunch of the Server Admins as well as E&E's from the other realms. But after SI's release, a lot of my friends moved on to other things, like SWG in US, and I myself made a move to Asheron's Call 2 where I spent 3-4 months. I came back to DAoC after that to see how things were going, and then decided to move to South Africa where I got a really cool Job in August - but no more online gaming.
    So, that's my year in MMORPG gaming in a nutshell, what was yours like?

    Now, 2004, what does the year hold? TOA gets released, will it prolong your gaming in DAoC? What else gets released that could draw you away from DAoC? What keeps you in DAoC? The friends? Or the game? What one thing would you like to see GOA do? (and let's keep it reasonable)

    Here's to the future, may it be better than the past.

  2. Fana

    Fana Fledgling Freddie

    2003 - The year when i focked up my studies *really* good cause of DAoC (or well, probably cause of other things, but daoc was what i did instead of studying). :(
    2004 - The year when hopefully ill play less daoc, take controll of my life (nah, not a New Years resolution, i dont make those) and finish my university education. :)
  3. Job

    Job TWAT and FH Object of Ridicule

    Well for most of 2003 I pretty well sat leaning back on my chair , this year I'm gonna sit a bit further forward, maybe it'll help my gameplay......................done f^ck all else
  4. Archeon

    Archeon Fledgling Freddie

    2003 saw me do somthing i never thought i'd do, yes i got a mini-fridge! Which quite happily took up a small plot of land under my Computer desk, capable of holding a six pack of Coke/Dr. Pepper/Sprint/Etc.

    In 2004 i hope too build on that by installing a gas hob, and small vegitable garden on my window-sill.

    Projections are sketchy at the moment, but i'm looking at never having too leave my computer room ever again (except too get more loo-roll) by the year 2007.

    Dare too live the dream people ;)
  5. Roo Stercogburn

    Roo Stercogburn Resident Freddy

    2003 began badly for me both in RL and in game. Neither really picked up til about the summer. The year ended on a high in RL but a bit of a low in game as we've (Mid/Pryd) not really had our act together as a realm lately which always bothers me. 1.65 is going to be a nasty watershed for us and I'm already waiting for the gloats, I just hope it will be kept to a minimum.

    ToA looks good. Frontiers looks excellent. Feedback from US on ToA doesn't make me think the game is dead, far from it.

    Looking forward to both those expansions.

    In terms of other games, there's plenty coming, but now DAoC has a got over a few hurdles where its doom was predicted any new offerings are going to have a hard time taking much away from this game. Though some people have publicly and loudly left the game, decrying it as bad, average whatever, these same people have often come back after looking around and realising there is less offered by other games in many cases.

    Finally, GOA seem to be doing something with the community and this more than anything I hope continues, as it builds the proper sense of community needed for a game like this - I mean lets face it, in terms of depth any single player game blows away any massively multiplayer game, but the mmorpgs make up for it with variety and real people to interact with. So its on the community that any sensible provider will focus a large portion of their time.

    I have to be honest though, I'm tired of the rollercoaster boost and nerf that Mythic are always playing around with. I understand the need and I also understand that somethings can't be properly predicted until they've been live for some time. But still, the elusive balance continues to be a problem.
  6. Gups

    Gups One of Freddy's beloved

    Same here tho I have beer in mine and it is shaped like a football. :clap:

    As for Daoc I play too much to hide from rl troubles. Next year will be better :)

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