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10 day ML rush Information! April 25th - May 4th

Discussion in 'Hibernia' started by GrisomWarshadow, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. After thinking about this more and more i have decided to go ahead with ML rush as planned :) it will take place from April 25th - May 4th -
    the reason for such a big gap from now until raid is to give everyone time to do PRE REQS (Which i will post shortly) I'm giving you roughly 1 month please make sure you do what pre reqs you can! try and do them before the raids please :) you can do them between raids ofcourse try to do as much as possible before this starts tho :) Also baring in mind you will not be able to do some pre reqs due to previous ml's required :) try and do what pre reqs you can tho others you can do between raids as they dont take to long...


    !Pre reqs!

    Master Level 1.

    1.1 - Fire, Survivor
    1.2 - Thieves, Retrieval
    1.4 - Barrier
    1.5 - Lord Krojer, Conflict (soloable)
    1.6 - Kirk, Curses (it requires parts from 1.1 and 1.4, I recommend doing this with your group after doing 1.1 and 1.4)

    Master Level 2.

    2.5 - Chath's Test of Strategy
    2.8 - Stand Fast

    Master Level 3.

    3.2 - Kepa's Downfall
    3.5 - Antioos Deceptive Death
    3.7 - Shraogh's Fear Removed
    3.9 - Sinovia's Power Relinquished

    Master Level 4.

    4.1 - Colossal
    4.3 - Eye of Ra
    4.4 - Valuable Stone (Soloable)

    Master Level 5.

    Recommended order you should do these steps in -

    5.5 - Gorgons of Aerus
    5.1 - Quebehsenuef
    5.6 - Resin
    5.7 - Mask
    5.8 - Wrap
    5.3 - Hapy
    5.4 - Imsety
    5.2 - Duamutef

    Master Level 6.

    6.1 - Hunt for the Haje-Uraei (soloable - may need help if you cant solo reds)
    6.5 - Flames (Soloable)

    Master Level 7.

    7.1 - The Lava Bridge
    7.2 - Know your Opponents
    7.3 - Apophian's Challenge
    7.4 - Volurgon's Challenge
    7.5 - Shaitan's Challenge
    7.6 - Hephaestian's Challenge

    Master Level 8.

    8.4 - Centaur's Hunt
    8.7 - Agne's Might
    8.9 - Gorgon's Secret

    Master Level 9.


    Master Level 10.



    Any questions you may have can be asked now =)
  2. Kenshiro

    Kenshiro Loyal Freddie

    I didn't read anything passed that line m8... :eek7:

    really hope for you that i'm the only working dude who won't be able to attend at such early hours...

    gl tho :clap:
  3. Funkdocta

    Funkdocta Fledgling Freddie

    4pm raid will gonna struggle for people as most are not home from work or even school.

    You cant get into ML5 until you have completed ML1. You cant get into ML7 dungeon till you have completed ML3. So your pre-reqs wont get done, not to mention your asking for like nearly the whole of ML5 and 7 as pre-reqs.

    good luck hope it works.
  4. Asq

    Asq Fledgling Freddie

    Me neither :(

    Yup :)

  5. Well its a month away yet... the time could easily change... and as for not being able to get into certain ml's because u dont have previous i know :p its in the post read it ;)

    "Also baring in mind you will not be able to do some pre reqs due to previous ml's required "

    "please make sure you do what pre reqs you can"

    But as i've said i can easily change the time to a more suited time... 18:00GMT maybe? cmon funk ur an ex middie like myself give some credit atleast =p

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