1 fg leviathan raid 19th july 20 CET

Discussion in 'Midgard' started by Babybanana, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. Babybanana

    Babybanana Loyal Freddie

    1 fg leviathan raid thursday 19th july 20 CET. Meeting place Aerus-p. Bg will be on Babywizard-p.
    3xsm with ml9 pet, if supp then get easier spot. darks ok too, but summoning not so good.
    1x shammy
    1x WL need have spec that can do ok pbaoe dmg. Will get loads yellow con adds and need get rid of those.
    bring bb also if can and tell it here when sining up.
    This far signed me with sm spot and Gram with healer or wl spot.
  2. Tuppe

    Tuppe Fledgling Freddie

    i come again if need me.
    ml9 pet whit eraach, healer, shaman, what you need.

    nice run yesterday, sad we didnt get drops from 1st thou but otherway, fast kills.

    drops from levi

    Leviathan Heart Slot: Jewelry Constitution: 22 pts Spirit Resist: 8% Hits: 24 pts Energy Resist: 8% Item Bonuses: Stat Debuff spell effectiveness: 3% Constitution attribute cap: 6%

    Leviathan Ring of Defiance Slot: Ring Thrust Resist: 8% Matter Resist: 8% Body Resist: 8% Hits: 44 pts Heat Resist: 8%

    Leviathan Ring of the Deep Slot: Ring Strength: 21 pts Constitution: 21 pts Dexterity: 21 pts Hits: 20 pts Item Bonuses: Strength attribute cap: 7 Melee Combat Speed: 3%

    Leviathan Skin Cloak Slot: Cloak Slash Resist: 8% Spirit Resist: 8% Hits: 44 pts Heat Resist: 8% Energy Resist: 8%

    Leviathan Tail Belt Slot: Waist Slash Resist: 8% Thrust Resist: 8% Hits: 44 pts Heat Resist: 8% Energy Resist: 8%

    Leviathan Tooth Necklace 80 Hits 18 Dexterity 18 Constitution 18 Quickness 32 Hits Cap Increase
  3. eLLiNaRaS

    eLLiNaRaS Fledgling Freddie

    EllO m8y,

    Would like to join u with either ml10 dark sm (ellinaras) , ml0 mend/pac healer (erythros) or ml10 shammy aug spec (ellinbuffs) . ty in advance
  4. Gunaro

    Gunaro Fledgling Freddie

    levi group

    I sign with Gioggi (Mend/aUg Healer)
  5. ripperbil

    ripperbil Fledgling Freddie

    sorry I cant make tonights raid
  6. mikey

    mikey Fledgling Freddie

    Hey there, i'll sign up with janga healer again, cya laters hopefully :)
  7. Babybanana

    Babybanana Loyal Freddie

    3x sms: babywizard, eraach, ellinaras
    2x healer: Janga, Gioggi (still need 1 healer)
    1x wl: Gretax
    1x Shammy ?

    so need still shaman and healer

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