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    Some ppl have told me that in this patch u would be able to change the base atrubutes u have to add to ur char when u create it...

    its that correct?
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  3. NaMeOk

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    pfft :S ok Thanks a lot
  4. Sorin

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    Pako you gimp! read the notes:

    This version reveals a startling progression to the story campaign for A Dragon's Revenge. Players who are interested in participating in A Dragon's Revenge should be sure and stop by one of these towns : Ludlow in Albion, Vasudheim in Midgard and Ardee in Hibernia. You may be surprised by what you discover ! Also, to get caught up and learn more about this campaign, be sure and stop by your realm's capital city to talk to one of the Dragon Sages : Lailen in Midgard, Pondar Cully in Albion, and Harris MacCullogh in Hibernia.

    As part of our long term development effort to keep Dark Age of Camelot the premier Realm vs. Realm game in the MMO market, we have continued to focus on class balance, with this version having a special emphasis on class mechanics for our three archer classes. These changes provide much more versatility to the archer classes. In addition, the change in mechanics allows our development team to respond much more quickly and efficiently to issues as they occur, rather than requiring server downtime for solutions. All changes that have been made to the Archery system are detailed below in the CLASS CHANGES AND FIXES section.

    Note : Due to the changes to archery, all three archer classes (Hunter, Ranger and Scout) have been given forced Realm Ability and Specialization Skill respecs. All archers will need to visit their class trainers to retrain.

    In these notes you also will find enhancements to Bounty Point Rewards, newly clustered lands, new sounds and effects, and game compatibility changes for our Vista users.

    More to come : With version 1.89, we will launch our first major Frontiers revamp since the release of New Frontiers in June, 2004. This revamp is a two-phase process, at first affecting only the Battleground zones, to give players a preview of the larger changes planned for New Frontiers with version 1.90, and to allow real playability feedback to have an influence on the development process. The Camelot team has been hard at work creating upgraded keep, tower and bridge models as well as developing new and improved siege weaponry - all of which will be a part of this two-phase release. These changes will also greatly improve line of sight issues present in some of the current New Frontiers structures and terrain.

    In 1.87 we announced all characters would receive Mythic respecs with each future Live version. To that end, we have awarded all players with a Mythic respec for this version. Players interested in taking advantage of this full respec should visit their class trainers to do so.


    - Monsters, pets and Non-Player Characters (NPCs) will now halt their pursuit when the character being chased stealths.

    - Maulers will no longer lose Tireless when using a Realm Respec.

    - The default locations for the New Quest start window, the merchant window, and the training window have been updated to prevent the new and old quest windows from being completely hidden by other windows.

    - The default camera angle has been adjusted upwards.

    - Graphics for the kiln in Ludlow have been updated for Catacombs and newer clients.

    - The block rate for PvP combat has been capped at 75%.

    - The block rate for PvE combat remains unchanged.

    - The block rate for Engage remains unchanged.

    - Fixed a bug where accounts which were not eligible for the Elder title could still select it when having high crafting skills.

    - Players may no longer log out while affected by the PvP immunity timer received after zoning. Upon attempting to quit, players will receive the message : "You must wait for your PvP immunity to wear off before quitting". The usual logout time of 20 seconds will be added to the time remaining on the character's current PvP immunity. This change applies to all servers.

    - The sound that plays at the Mythic splash screen has been updated. Note : You must have your sounds enabled through the Options screen for the sound to be heard.

    - Personal Bind Stones, Personal House Recall Stones, and Guild House Recall Stones are now available to all players. The Royal Treasury Clerks have been moved out of the throne room so they can be accessed more easily by players who cannot enter the throne rooms.

    - Newly created characters will find a Personal Bind Recall Stone in their packs upon first logging in.

    - New weapons have been added as gifts from each class guild obtainable every five levels from levels 10 to 29. Each is awarded only by the primary trainer of each class in the capital cities.

    - As Quickness no longer has an affect on Archery, all Quickness and Quickness Cap on bows has been converted to Dexterity and Dexterity Cap, respectively. This will affect any dropped bows already in your inventory, as well as those dropped in the future. Note : This will not affect items created by the Random Object Generator (ROG).

    - All of the following bonuses on all items have been converted as follows :

    Archery Haste - Archery and Spell Haste
    Casting Haste - Archery and Casting Haste
    Arrow Damage - Archery and Spell Damage
    Spell Damage - Archery and Spell Damage
    Arrow Range - Archery and Spell Range
    Spell Range - Archery and Spell Range

    - To address the issue of a few intrepid players maxing out their completed quest list, we have done the following : we have added the ability for players level 26 and over to clear out specific quests from their completed quest list. Currently a selection of quests that fall in the level 1 to 15 range will be cleared with the exception of guild track quests from levels 7 to 50. To clear a quest, speak to one of the "Quest Journalists" that are present in the capital cities right outside the throne room for each realm and they will search through all your completed quests and delete any quest that matches their list of quests and delete them. On Camlann, players may speak to any Quest Journalist, not just the one from their realm to have quests deleted.

    - Fixed the spawn rate of a camp of grogans that were spawning too fast in the Breifine zone of New Frontiers.

    - The delve on the Lesser, Average, and Greater Mythirian of Siphoning has been changed to reflect their new bonuses.

    - The Hastener housing hookpoint merchants will now give out their music tickets for free.

    - At the urging and subsidization of their Kings, Stable Masters and Dockmasters everywhere have banded together to help out their realms by foregoing any sort of payment for their services. Players will find that all horse routes and boat routes (outside of New Frontiers) will now be free.

    - Players may now command their pets to attack stealthed characters who are within their stealth detection range. Pets will still stop the chase if an unstealthed character stealths in order to escape.

    - Reactive procs on armor will now only hit the archer if the archer is within range.

    - In all cases now, players who equip Mythirian items will have them correctly bind to their character.


    The availability of rewards which can be purchased with Bounty Points has been greatly increased. Many of these rewards are designed to reduce much of the need to continue PvEing after reaching 50 for those who would rather focus immediately on RvR.

    - Realizing their Atlantean masters are not returning, four sphinxes have traveled to the Hall of Heroes to offer ML credit, ML respecs, ML experience, artifact credit, and artifact scrolls in exchange for stories from the frontiers (represented by bounty points). Credit is obtained by purchasing the tokens they sell, then handing the tokens to them. If a token is purchased for an encounter the player already has credit for, handing the token back to the sphinx will return the Bounty Points spent.

    - Bounty Point Masters have been added to each realm's primary border keep (Castle Sauvage, Svasud Faste, and Druim Ligen). These new NPCs sell a variety of items including : realm respecs, Champion Level respecs, the chestnut horse, hastener speed gems, experience-granting scrolls (in both a 1% and 10% variety), and special new jewelry items.

    - The NPCs in each housing market that already sell deeds, porches and consignment merchants now offer the same goods for bounty points as well as gold.

    - Merchants have been added to house hookpoint stores which can obtained for free and placed on a house hookpoint to allow the purchase of interior and garden decorations for bounty points as opposed to gold.

    - Existing bounty point rewards (i.e. stones, totems, and crystals) now have 20 charges instead of 1. Note that current charges will not be retroactively updated on previously purchased rewards.


    - The bonus to Realm Points and Bounty Points that was enabled for Agramon Island in New Frontiers for 1.87 has been removed. The bonus to Realm Points and Bounty Points will now be available in the following New Frontiers zones : Odin's Gate, Emain Macha, and Hadrian's Wall. The bonus amount, 150% or 1.5x, remains the same as it was on Agramon Island.

    - The portals that lead to the Battlegrounds in the Demon's Breach will now only allow players who match the level restriction for the particular Battleground to pass through. Example : Balban's Breach has a portal to the Lion's Den Battleground which is for players that are levels 5-9. The Battleground portal will now only allow players level 5-9 to enter the Lion's Den.

    - The portals in Balban's Breach and Nergal's Breach to the battlegrounds will no longer check what client is being used. This fixes an issue where these portals required players to be using the Darkness Rising client or higher.

    - The three rings that can drop from Chief Mulguk, located in the 'Hills of Claret' battleground, have been changed so they are equipped in the ring slot. This corrects an issue where they were incorrectly identified as wrist slot items.

    - An aspiring arborist assisted in alleviating an alignment issue arising in Breifine. This fixes an issue where two trees were occupying the same spot.

    - An aquatical architect assisted in alleviating an alignment issue with the aquifer in Breifine. This fixes an issue where two water planes were slightly overlapped, causing the color to be off slightly on the surface of the river.



    - Animists are now limited to a total of 5 active Fire and Forget (FnF) turrets at any given time. This does not include bombers or controlled pets.

    - The hitpoints on Fire and Forget turrets have been increased by 50%.

    - Animists will now receive a new ability in their Creeping Baseline at level 29 called "Fungal Potency". It is only usable in PVE zones, has a 2 second cast time, is non-interruptible and castable while on the move. The effect is a 350 radius pet cast ability that reduces resists against high level monsters. This will enhance the Animist pet's ability to hit high level PVE targets.

    - The following Animist bomber spell lines are now no longer bombers and have been converted to normally cast spells.

    - Creeping Base Line :

    Rampant Vines - Root
    Wisp Inferno - Direct Damage/Debuff

    - Creeping Spec :

    Dancing Flare - Area Effect (AE) Armor Debuff
    Binding Spirit - Area Effect (AE) Root

    - Verdant Base Line :

    Rejuvenating Spirit - Pet Heal
    Spirit of Nourishing - Pet Regen

    - Verdant Spec :

    Fortifying Emissary - Short duration absorption (ABS) Buff
    Essence of the Forest - Long duration absorption (ABS) Buff
    Woodspirit Seal - Bladeturn

    Archery (Hunters, Rangers and Scouts)

    - Hunters, Rangers and Scouts have been given a forced realm ability and skill specialization respec, and will need to respec their skills for use with the new Archery system.

    - The previous Archery system has been disabled for all primary archer classes. Primary archer classes no longer need to place their bow on their hotbar and click multiple times to load and fire their shots.

    - Archers have had their unique bow lines replaced with a new line, called "Archery".

    - The Pathfinding skill for Rangers has been merged into Archery, and all of the buffs from that line are now found in the Archery line (available to all Archer classes).

    - Self buffs in Beastcraft have been replaced with the self buffs in the Archery Spec.

    - New archery abilities are now available under the spells tab, under the Archery list.

    - Archery damage and draw time are now affected by the Dexterity skill.

    - Archery shots now have different Endurance costs depending upon the shot.

    - Archery shot types are as follows :

    Standard Shot : Average range, draw time and damage.
    Long Shot : Longer range, average draw time and slightly lower damage.
    Power Shot : Bypasses and removes Bladeturn, average range, long draw time not affected by Dexterity ; higher damage.
    Point Blank Shot : Very short range, long draw time and high damage.
    Critical Shot : Must be fired from stealth, bypasses all defenses, very high damage, average range and average draw time.
    Rapid Fire : Average range, short draw time and low damage.
    Fire Shot : Heat damage, long draw time and average range.
    Cold Shot : Cold damage, long draw time and average range.
    Poison Shot : Body damage Direct Damage/Damage Over Time, long draw time and average range.
    Acid Shot : Matter damage Direct Damage/Damage Over Time, long draw time and average range.
    Siege Shot : Does damage to objects such as Keep Doors and Siege equipment.
    Volley : Ground Targeted Area Effect archery shot, that will hit up to a maximum number of targets. The maximum number of targets is 2 more than the number of the shot. IE : Volley 1 will hit three targets max, and Volley 8 will hit 10 targets max.

    - Abilities, bonuses and items that affect spells will now also affect Archery.

    - Updated icons, sounds and animations have been integrated into the new archery system.

    - Archers will receive three new abilities at specializations 1, 2 and 3 in Archery. These abilities allow the player to choose the damage types of their Archery shots, either Slash, Thrust or Crush.

    - Heat, cold, acid and poison arrows will ignore the damage type override of the Archery damage type buffs.

    - Archers now receive the Mastery of Concentration Realm Ability.

    - The Damage Per Second (DPS) of your bow will have an effect on your damage for archery shots. If the effective DPS of your equipped bow is less than that of your max DPS for the level of archery shot you are using, the damage of your shot will be reduced. Max DPS for a particular level can be found by using this equation : (.3 * level) + 1.2


    - Timers for all recipes have been standardized to reduce some inconsistencies, as well as to eliminate many excessively long crafting times. For the vast majority of recipes, this results in a significant decrease in crafting time ; anywhere from a few seconds to as much as two minutes, such as in the case of the bulk trinkets.

    - The recipes for various "eroding" tinctures have been changed to require Lifebane instead of the ingredients for Lifebane poison.


    Oceanus Encounters

    - Sharks will no longer gather in a massive feeding frenzy in the middle of Oceanus Anatole.

    - The scrolls for the artifact 'Gem of Lost Memories' will now drop more frequently. This brings these scrolls up to the same drop rate standards as the rest of the artifact scrolls.

    Stygia Encounters

    - Golden Scarab Vest - Only 25 Scarab Wings are now required to obtain the Magical Scarab-wing Gloves from Tey to pick up the Cursed Scarab-wing Vest. If a player has already turned in 25 or more wings, but has not yet met the previous goal of 50, the player need only turn in one more wing to obtain the gloves.

    - Golden Scarab Vest - The Cursed Scarab-Wing Vest will now spawn more frequently.

    Item Notes

    - The personal boats that are available for purchase in the Trials of Atlantis lands now require only one person to operate. They will now always move at full speed regardless of the number of passengers. In addition, the cost to purchase these items has been reduced dramatically. This includes the skiff used in all realms and the following realm-specific boats : British Cog, Viking Longship, and Elvish Caravel.

    - Legendary bows will now grant a damage type buff when equipped to change the damage type of your non-magical archery shots. Note that the mundane damage type buffs (Blunt Arrows, Thrusting Arrows, Slashing Arrows) will overwrite these buffs, in which case you may re-equip the bow to re-apply the buff.

    - The studded versions of the Guard of Valor in Albion and Midgard now have the same bonuses to Spell Duration and Range that the Hibernian Reinforced version has.

    - Braggart's Bow - The "Arrows of Flight" spell which summoned magical arrows has been replaced with "Eye of Predation" which grants a 5% bonus to range and resist piercing that lasts five minutes. The "Arrows of Flame" spell which granted a 45 second chance to proc a 75 damage Area-Effect Direct Damage has been replaced with a permanent chance to proc a single target version of the same 75 damage Direct Damage.

    - Laodameia's Bow - The "Arrows of Atlantis" spell which summoned magical arrows has been replaced with "Eye of Predation" which grants a 5% bonus to range and resist piercing that lasts five minutes.

    - Fool's Bow - The "Thunderous Impact" spell which did extra siege damage to objects has been replaced with "Eye of Predation" which grants a 5% bonus to range and resist piercing that lasts 5 minutes.

    - Mariasha's Sharkskin Gloves - The "Arrows of Power" spell which summoned magical arrows has been replaced with "Eye of Predation" which grants a 5% bonus to range and resist piercing that lasts five minutes.
    he proper locations.

    Item Notes

    - Hibernian Darkspire Jewelery drops have been adjusted from power level 50 to power level 49. This brings their power level in line with the same drops from Albion and Midgard.


    - The Lesser, Average, and Greater Archer's Mythirians have been renamed to Lesser, Average, and Greater Mythirian of Siphoning respectively to reflect their new bonuses.

    Item Notes - Albion

    - The spells on the Champion Weapons available to Minstrels have been changed to be more appropriate for the Minstrel's role in combat.

    Minstrel Dextera Blade :

    /use1 - Regeneration of Kings
    /use2 - Perfectly Balanced or King's Precision

    Minstrel Dextera Edge :

    /use1 - Regeneration of Kings
    /use2 - Perfectly Balanced or King's Precision

    Upsilon Harp :

    /use1 - Replenishment /use2 - King's Precision or King's Shield
  5. Doink-666

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    Still going to be a silly patch if you ask me...what has the game come to where you can just buy everything?

    Guys...are you sure this is'nt a freeshards server we've been playing all this time? :eek7:
  6. Lorimez Shadowblade

    Lorimez Shadowblade Fledgling Freddie

    Tbh still need to have a good RR to equip eveything you want. I think it s a smart move aimed at casual players who don't want to have to spend 30+ hours on TOA and ML, especially when the population numbers are low.

    End of the day - surely skill will out? :wij:

  7. d@n.dk

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  8. Miina Ashera

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    Bounty Point Items: to get BPs you most likely need some good gear to start with or a lots of time and patience (or RP PL) to buy the BP items you need and want... And as far as I know only BP scrolls are tradable thus old fashioned PvE is still needed to some degree. So imo what do BP items do? They introduce some new "a must have" items for the perfect template and hopefully lowers the cost on artifact scrolls. Correct me if im wrong :).
  9. chrispy

    chrispy It's my birthday today!

    oooooh 1.88 what a crock of shit,well it is if your using windows vista.

    cant get on game so if anyone is using vista,hang up your boots till they sort it :(
  10. chrispy

    chrispy It's my birthday today!

    so im not playing on game now so i got loads of time on my hands since i doubt it will not get sorted quickly.

    so guess im sort of retired for the moment.
  11. Golena

    Golena Fledgling Freddie

    Bounty point items.. because the higher RR players didn't have enough of an advantage over new players already!!

    I can understand the ability to buy stuff you could otherwise get through PvE'ing for those who despise it, but the concept of the new gear is completely counterproductive.
  12. Enli

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    got like 334k bp's on bainshee, can't do shit with it cept buying arti books to put on merchant :kissit:
  13. Amanita

    Amanita Part of the furniture

    You could buy everyone a villa!

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