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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by - English -, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. - English -

    - English - Resident Freddy

    Hey maybe an easy fix or so but I was wondering if anyone else has the same problem.

    My mouse is a razer deathadder and I bind buttons 4 and 5 to f8 / f9 and quick bind them so when I press my mouse button it will cast a certain spell. Since the latest patch/vista problem, this is not working. I have tried to reinstall drivers / load at admin, any other ideas?
  2. - English -

    - English - Resident Freddy

    glad to know no1 else has the same problem :(
  3. Eeben

    Eeben Fledgling Freddie

    i havent used my razor mouse much this patch, when i get home from my gf i will try an see if i got same problems with my quickbinds :)
  4. Eeben

    Eeben Fledgling Freddie

    tryet it now an i cant quickbind keys to my mouse either :(
  5. swords

    swords Can't get enough of FH

    You all suck, learn to play without all those fancy qbind on gimmicky named mouse blah! :p
  6. Ogrelin Blodig

    Ogrelin Blodig One of Freddy's beloved

    I bet your qbind files didn't copy to the new location.
  7. - English -

    - English - Resident Freddy

    sorted mine, installed the driver version before this latest one
  8. CorNokZ

    CorNokZ Currently a stay at home dad

    Agreed! What's wrong with old school numbers? :(

    qbinding is too elite and casual players can't compete with this..
  9. Eeben

    Eeben Fledgling Freddie

    then your wrong :p since im qbinding them to keys on my keyboard an then chance my mouse button to be that key i quikbindet it to :D maybe not the best way to do it but only way that has been working for me so far but it isnt anymore :( but then its proberly not daoc that is wrong with now that i think about it :D

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