1.68D on Pendragon


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Dec 24, 2003
il paste it all for easier reasing

1.68D on Pendragon
Posted By: Sanya Thomas

Got a big change in this set of notes. Please read, and as always, we appreciate all feedback from people who actually try the changes:


Dark Age of Camelot

Test Version 1.68d Release Notes

February 9, 2004



As most of you know, Trials of Atlantis features many powerful items and artifacts that give very strong bonuses to different player stats and combat abilities. Since the expansion's launch we have become aware that by mixing and matching different Trials of Atlantis items, players can make their characters far more powerful than we intended. Because of this, we are now making changes to the way that stat bonuses and some buff types from ToA items are capped.

- In researching this issue, we found that a 50th level character could receive up to 50 bonus stat points (the character's level divided by 1) from items, buffs, etc. Our design called for the stat cap to be set at the character's level divided by two (plus one), and we've even given this answer out in discussions and chats. Feedback from our users proved there was a discrepancy. We have fixed this bug, so now everyone's stat cap bonus will be lowered to meet the new formula. Now, a level 50 character's stat bonus cap will be 26, not the overpowered 50.

- A new cap has been added that limits the bonus from ToA items that buff damage, range, and attack speed one character can receive. Previously, characters received the full bonus. Now, they are capped to be level divided by 5, total, for each of those three buffs. So, now a level 50 character with three items that each give a +5% bonus to melee combat speed will receive a 10% bonus, cumulative, from those items, instead of 15%.


- Players will now be able to earn Master Level Experience through realm vs. realm combat. Please note that you will only receive master level experience if the enemy realm player you have killed is also worth realm points.

- Keep lords now award Master Level Experience on death.

- Pets that cast spells that their targets resist will now report resist messages to their owners.

- Animist bomber pets now gain the benefit of their caster's Majestic Will Realm Ability.

- The Animist's Fire and Forget AoE root turrets should now behave correctly when used against monsters that are already rooted, or monsters that were rooted within a minute of firing the bomber.

- The Spiritmaster's spirit champion pet's spells should now all have the correct icons and casting animations.

- The icons for the Animist's Constraining Spirit line have been fixed.

- The erroneous print displaying to the user of Dirty Tricks has been removed.

- Font of Power will now generate aggression similar to the recent change for Sphere of Rejuvenation.

- The master ability Banestrike has been renamed to Banespike to avoid any confusion with the Valewalker spell Banestrike.

- The Essence Flare master ability, which creates a poison in the inventory of the user, has been changed so that the poison may be used by any assassin class with an envenom skill of 1 or greater.

- (Pendragon Only) Players will now correctly sit when on horseback.

- (Pendragon Only) Fixed a bug where Target Nearest Loot/Nearest Object was no longer selecting coins first.

- (Pendragon Only) Fixed a display-issue with Atlantis Trees in foggy situations.


- We have added a new command - /nohelp. A player can use this command to prevent situations where a player outside of his or her group is healing, for the purpose of leeching experience from a monster kill, without their consent. Players can also use this command to decline any assistance from nearby Spheres of Rejuvenation and Fonts of Power.

- If /nohelp is active, the following spells and abilities will not affect the player in any way unless the caster is a member of the player's group: All heal spells and regen buffs, the Wave of Healing artifact ability, and the Sphere of Rejuvenation and Font of Power master level abilities.

- If a player casts a heal spell on a non-consenting player, the spell will complete, but instead of the actual heal taking effect, the player will be told, "That player does not want assistance", in the upper chat window.

- Spell effects will still play over non-consenting players if heal spells, Fonts of Power or Spheres of Rejuvenation try to affect them.


Tradeskill Notes

- (Pendragon Only) The Albion Alchemy recipe for the greater Nereid potion will no longer ask for cloth bleach for the materials required to craft this item.

Item Notes

- (Pendragon Only) The Magma Infused Defender shield (all realms) has been returned to using a reactive proc.

- (Pendragon Only) The experience description on the Cycloptic Shields have been corrected.

- (Pendragon Only) The experience description on the Winged Helm has been corrected.

- The chain version of the Crown of Zahur (Albion) now uses an acuity bonus in place of the piety bonus.

- Sebak now has an increased chance to drop the Nailah's Robe artifact.

- The Inversion spell on Eirene's Hauberk has been modified. It will now convert half of the spell damage received into healing. The spell is now set to be a reactive proc and will drop after converting one damage spell.


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 7, 2004
Having been through a lot of the dross on the VNboards I am confused. This appears to only affect some of the TOA artifacts so existing resists from SC armour would not be affected?? I understand that people would be miffed if they had dropped some of their SC resists to take into account their new artifacts but this is now not going to affect us at all(now we know its coming), I think unless I am really way off the mark.


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