Fledgling Freddie
Jan 2, 2004
First Friday news of the year

To begin with, the entire team wishes you a happy new year. Dark Age of Camelot begins its third year of operation in Europe this month, and we are going to do our best to improve the services available and your enjoyment of the game. There are numerous incoming projects, the developers at Mythic continue to work on new versions and new expansions. This year will be full of novelties and we will be there to introduce them to you.

1.65 version and Trials of Atlantis

The tests are still going on Gorre, and the 1.65 version should be available on all European servers by the end of January. The French tests are coming to an end and the German version will be tested next week. Meanwhile the translation team continues to work on the next expansion Trials of Atlantis, which should be available in Europe by the end of February. The actual live version in the us, 1.67, will be released at this occasion, containing many corrections and specific modifications for Trials of Atlantis.

Regarding 1.64 and 1.65 versions we invite you to read the 1.64 and 1.65 release notes in the DAoC knowledge database, or follow these links :

Release Note 1.64

Release Note 1.65

Tip of the week :

The tip of the week concerns the ground target command. All players can place on a virtual target the ground by holding the F5 (default) key. This target has many uses, such as determining the centre of GTAE spell, or to indicate the zone where siege weapons have to fire. This command can also be usefully used in coordination, with one player (usually a GTAE spell caster or a siege weapon user) using another player (usually a stealthy character) to ground target for him. If you want to use another player's ground target, all you have to do is type the command /groundassist . It can be very useful during the defense or attack of a fort to know where to fire precisely.

One last thing on ground targeting. As we said you have to press F5 to make the target appear, and then move it with the arrows keys. A faster and smoother way for you would be to press Ctrl + F5, enabling you to move the ground target with your mouse much more easily. If you have a central wheel you can even define the height of the target.

Becoming advisor

For those among you who wish to help newcomers, for instance to better understand their character classes, Mythic has allowed any player who wishes it to become advisor. To activate this function your character has to have at least 15 hours of played game time (you can know this by typing /played in game). You only have to type /advisor to become an in-game advisor. If you wish to stop being an advisor type the same command again.

What is an advisor ? A newbie who wishes to receive some advice can, by typping the command /advice, obtain a list of all connected advisors. He the only has to contact them to ask them questions. Be careful however as an advisor remains a casual player, who doesn't have to answer your questions if he doesn't want to. It is also possible that he doesn't know the answer to your question. In any case, don't forget that these people made the choice to help other people, so at least be polite with them.

In short : to become advisor, type /advisor, to contact an advisor, type /advice

Chronicles and server maintenances

The maintenance begun on all game servers in December is now over. We are now changing some last settings, which means we should be able to reactivate the Camelot Chronicles by next week, probably during the middle of the week.

On the recent Excalibur crashes

The most recent news we have on this subject is what we posted two days ago here, so this is just a heads up in case you missed it. What is posted there still stands, we are working hard on restructuring to make the service more failproof and improve it overall. Some changes have already gone in to help this.

On that we wish you a great weekend and a Happy New Year.

American players = beta testers ? :)


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 5, 2004
Hehe fine by me, finally maybe we euro players are getting some thought...
/touches wood


I am a FH squatter
Dec 23, 2003
goodo, so when we get TOA we'll get it with "most" of the bugs fixed


Loyal Freddie
Jan 9, 2004
givf new DF items! Making SC templates will be so much easier ;)

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