£100k caves :)

Discussion in 'The Front Room' started by leviathane, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. leviathane

    leviathane Part of the furniture

    xD clicky

    quote of the post would be

    We are very pleased. You don't sell caves very often......
  2. Mey

    Mey Part of the furniture

    5 acres of Mixed woodland land is what made it sell for so much imo.
  3. Maeloch

    Maeloch Part of the furniture

    Or the press coverage. Pretty sure it was only going for 25k in the first press I saw about b4 it became a leading story.
  4. Overdriven

    Overdriven Not a sandwich

    Pretty sure I'd of fiddled with it and got certain fixtures added in.. o_O E.g... Heating and water.
  5. Nate

    Nate FH is my second home

    Local woman bought it and is just gonna leave it as it is :( Sucks, why doesn't she make a Evil HQ out of it and let me rent to take over the world one cave at a time!

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