XP Spot - 2x SM / 2 Tanks / 3 Healers / 1 Shaman - 44+ ?

Discussion in 'Midgard' started by [NO]Magmatic, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. [NO]Magmatic

    [NO]Magmatic Fledgling Freddie

    I was wondering if anyone had some leveling spot idea's for 44+ for the group mentioned in the subject ( 2x SM / 2 Tanks / 3 Healers / 1 Shaman )... This is a fixed group, with a rez bot (which also has FoP), so remote spots are ok...

    I think Malmo is probably our best bet, but are there any other spots with high respawn rate? We're currently doing hug's (43.5ish)...

    Modernagrav has on average 16 people in the area, so not so sure if we could also level there while PL'ers are at the spot... (Havent taken a look, keep hearing its uber though)

    The PBAoE guide thats been floating on vnboards around basicly stops at 44+ ... So I'm running a bit out of idea's (other then malmo / mod)...
  2. Bloodclot

    Bloodclot Banned

    svartalfs in malmo if you don't want faction

    Hagbui camps vanern swamp? don't know sure about that. maybe just a tiny to low lvl. mobs are lvl 42-52 i think but very weak to spirit.

    Woodsman camp in moderna, nice pop rate 2 lvls lower then redcaps at PL spots in moderna.
  3. Z^^

    Z^^ Part of the furniture

    h- > 44
    yar/lair-> 50
  4. [NO]Magmatic

    [NO]Magmatic Fledgling Freddie

    We're currently doing the Hagbui camp in Vanern (10k / 40k), and pretty sure it'll be too slow at +44 (it already isnt 'uber fast')...
  5. ruudoniac

    ruudoniac Fledgling Freddie

    malmo has a very high respawn rate - but i dont think that with 2x lvl 44 sms u can handle it - y dont u get another sm and go moderna its a place with high respawn rate that can cover all spots there ;)
  6. [NO]Magmatic

    [NO]Magmatic Fledgling Freddie

    We cant add an extra SM, because as said this is a fixed group... Adding a SM would require dropping a fixed-group member... Which is not an option...
  7. Urme the Legend

    Urme the Legend Fledgling Freddie

    Try Malmohus, either H or Lair/Yar.. seems pretty empty these days so should be great campbonus. Can be hard with only 2 SM's perhaps. If that doesn't work, go to modernagrav.. and see if you can fit in with the PL:ers :)
  8. Warlock

    Warlock Fledgling Freddie

    In Moderna two groups can exp in the same time on redcap spot without fighting for spawn.
    If you camp one spot, you will get easy to kill mobs(yellow-purp to lvl 50) and very good exp. And besides, second group there will be happy, coz you will kill mobs slower than regular moderna group.

    Get dreamspheres (if you plan to use it in SC) before going there :)

    What classes are your tanks ?
    zerk + <?>
  9. Summoner

    Summoner Fledgling Freddie

    U'd be able to handle regular pulls (4 mobs at once) by Lair or camp2 in Malmo. When SMs will ding lvl49 you'd prolly able to make double pulls. Protectors are good at the beggining, try to avoid execs.

    PS. We've been exping even with worse grp of the same lvl on Camlann by camp2 in Malmo.
  10. [NO]Magmatic

    [NO]Magmatic Fledgling Freddie

    The tanks are a zerker and warrior... Once we ding 49, we're off questing too, not much point in XP'ing to 50, if you can get that level purely off quests we need for our SC-suits...

    On another note, wouldnt it be more effective (power vs xp vs time) to take on 6-9 lower-con mobs then 3 high level ones? If Malmo is too hard with 2 SM's, wouldnt it be better to look at a spot which will allow faster pulling (if there's any?) ?
  11. Urme the Legend

    Urme the Legend Fledgling Freddie

    H in Malmohus has orange-low purp mobs for lvl 50 that you should manage easy and fast. Lair/Yar is higher level. Modernagrav also have orange-low purp mobs.
  12. anubis

    anubis Fledgling Freddie

    try H spot in malmo
    but imo at 44 with such a grp it will be very hard, fg 46-47 should get ok exp there

    you can try drakulvs W from malmo entrance, they are yellow con to 50
    but i dunno good spot there, with high spawn rate etc
  13. Leel

    Leel Fledgling Freddie

    I'd try moderna up to level 46-47 or so, and remember that redcaps are humanoids and many artifacts level easy on them. Traitor's dreamsphere, traldor's, and also healing embrace and cloudsong can be leveled there.
  14. Summoner

    Summoner Fledgling Freddie


    fg37-42 is able to manage regular pulls at H w/o problems, there are not so many mobs and with 2 sms with lvl41 pbae it's gonna be a bit overkill. Beside some mobs casts spells which is annoying.
    Protectors are just fine on lvl44 (red-purple con) while on lvl50 they are mostly conned orange.
  15. Brylle Madness

    Brylle Madness Fledgling Freddie

    H spot in Malmöhus is best, and you are aware off that the one that drops FoP leech lots of xp if you stand in the field while killing yes?

    Good luck getting to 50 would love to see you guys in Emain/odin's etc.
  16. [NO]Magmatic

    [NO]Magmatic Fledgling Freddie

    We never stand inside FoP while killing, although we'll try it soon to see if the loss in XP is worth the decrease in downtime... You dont even get XP at below 34ish if you stand in FoP... But it sure helps with decreasing downtime...
  17. Kalba

    Kalba Can't get enough of FH

    or get a extra SM in another group to PL an alt of his :D

    (or maybe a shammy with fop, what no... I dont need magical exp :p)
  18. Dorin

    Dorin Fledgling Freddie

    mmm, after hagbuis we killed some mobs in malmo (H-spot or what, cant remember :<) then moved to moderna around 44-46. Though moderna wasnt fotm pl spot back then.
  19. Emergency Roma

    Emergency Roma Fledgling Freddie

    Raumarik has some good spots , imo.
    I xped with Sleipneirsoon (11-8), Fenrir Mystic (25-35) ,Wights ,liches and other mobs
    XP is really great (most of mobs are magic ) but repop time bit slow and you have to move around a bit...not a problem tho cos Rauma is so FULL of mobs that you just have to avoid aggro everywhere.

    Emer Healer
    <Cutting Edge>
  20. Lothandar

    Lothandar Fledgling Freddie

    People saying you lose lots of xp while standing in fop are fecking wrong, over 40 you con blue to the bot and if you kill the mobs fast FoP only leeches 2 ticks or so, rarely noticable.
  21. Stinkie

    Stinkie Fledgling Freddie

    Not like we moaned at people becuase we noticed the XP go down loads when they stand in FoP in this group......oh no wait ...... we did!!!.

    at 43 you lose aprox 25% XP from standing in fop. this isnt guessing this is fact.


    Sterling 43 SM and rising fast
  22. [NO]Magmatic

    [NO]Magmatic Fledgling Freddie

    Nah we didnt really test at 43, we tested at 41 or so, and then it indeed was still a lot... I'll run a test with a log analyzer tonight, see how fast we can pull with outside-fight-area fop, and standing on fop (10 mins)...

    I do notice that the XP gotten by the shammy gets less and less each level if someone accidently still stood in fop... The biggest issue is the 'challange' code, if that kicks in, the XP loss is dramatic, I think that this camp might still be a bit of a problem with the mobs being orange / low red to 50's, but once we start to hit red-for-50's, then I also suspect that almost no XP will be leeched by FoP...
  23. Cracked

    Cracked Fledgling Freddie

    H is the best @ your lvl.
    Then go to moderna when it's too easy @ H.

    Lair is great but u need 3 lvl 50 SM's, high pac healer, buffbot and a Rezzbot because u gonna get a wipe once in a while even if u have a perfect setup. The adds down there can be crazy sometimes. To try and get only 4 mobs @ lair with petpulls is hard but doable, but sometimes u get an extra 8mobs from the sides adding. Maybe when u are lvl 49 and got the last pbae it is doable, but wont be any faster then moderna imo.
  24. Summoner

    Summoner Fledgling Freddie

    ppl r just to addicted to pwl way of exp.
    why cannot shaman pull w/bolt huh?

    Pull != pet pull
    sm exp grp != a few sms + pac healer + leachers

    having a good puller, 2 tanks for taunting mobs, 3 healers it should be np to kill 4 red-purple mobs at once.
  25. Haldar

    Haldar Fledgling Freddie

    aye. anyone remembers old-way exping?

    1g - 5 melee, 2 healers, pbt
    2g - some melee + healer

    rm pulls, pac mezzes, tanks assist on inc mobs.

    no end regen, no pbae, dropped weapons...grass was greener, sky bluer, beer tastier and women bustier....ehhhh
  26. fl3a

    fl3a Can't get enough of FH

    the time when tanks had 'mob order' for tanking mobs so that SMs dont get aggro roxxed as well :p
  27. [NO]Magmatic

    [NO]Magmatic Fledgling Freddie

    Pet pulling is *only* intresting if you pull more then 4 mobs, with 3-4 mobs you might just as well let something else pull... With bugged pet-pathing, its often safer too...

    In Albion it was pretty common to have tanks pick mobs to pull (e.g. tank 1 gets mob 1 and 3, tank 2 gets 2 and 4)... Which works pretty well if you pull only 3-4 mobs... Pet pulling is nice though if you plan on pulling 7-9 mobs at once, all stacked nicely on top of each other...

    Its also better (imho) to kill 8-12 reds, then 3-4 purples... XP per kill might be more, but reds win it every time in 'over time' xp... Ofc, the reds have to spawn fast ;)
  28. Klonk

    Klonk Fledgling Freddie

    Yup, I remember having mob no4 to tank solo with my half-buffed norse Shadowzerk SB :p

    On a serious note: do ppl think Trollheim is too hard? Some places/routes in Trollheim was awesome xp for a grp of m8s I was in a year ago or so (and we had no SM even). My guess is that there is nice xp in Trollheim for a fg of 40 and all the way up to 50 if you go into the lower levels of the dungeon. Keep clear of The Rift and you should be ok ^^

    Ofc could be a disadvantage that you have to roam some, but would be interesting to hear your experience with this if you try it.
  29. duact

    duact Fledgling Freddie

    with our pbaoe grp on camlann we also had 2 tanks and we started exping at yar at 44. was wery nice exp
    then u go to lair at 46. moderna for noobs malmo for da leets !
  30. inviteme

    inviteme Fledgling Freddie

    I'd go S of lair to 46 with that setup, the best pullspot is in the middle of the canyon you should be able to do 6 mob pulls nonstop if you have SH:er. at 46 yar shouldnt be a problem, and lair at 47-48 i guess.

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