WTT upto 40p from Hib/Excel to Alb/pry


Can't get enough of FH
Jan 21, 2004
Let me know if you can help :clap:

Milkybar 50 Cleric rr3Lx LGM Armor
Biggles 50 Pala RR6Lx
Dominos 50 Inf RR4L3
Naugord 50 Necro RR2Lx
Milkysmerc 4x Merc RR0L0 <-- work in progress
Revolutions 4x Reaver RR1l8

Magol 50 Nightshade RR7L4 LGM Fletcher
Bigglesss 4x Enchanter RR1lx <--work in progress
Yogi 41 Druid RR1l0

Dominos 34 Necro RR2l1

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