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Dec 24, 2003
helllo guys i need to clear some stuff so here i go.

Arcanium Stone Bone Slicer

Duel Weild 3
Parry 3
Slash 3
Strength 24
matter 8%

level req 49 -

Bonus to melee dmg 2% vs Humanoids
Bonus to melee combat speed 2%

Dot Proc (DMG type heat

16.5 DPS 3.5 Spd MP Used once never repaired.
Left hand userble with cool glow
starting bid 2P Buyout 10 P

Arcanium Barbed Tail Sword

Dex 22
Duel weild 4
strength 22

level 49

dex cap + 8
Bonus to melee dmg 2% vs magical & elemental

Improved stat decrease of a Dex/Quick 56 value proc dmg type body

16.5 dps - 3.5 spd - MP never used.
left hand userbal with nice glow.
starting Bid 2P buyout 10P not that it will ever get that high

auction ends when ever i next wake up. :p

nah friiday 14th of May 18:00 hours GMT

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