WTS Tempered Shadow-Bound Vest


Fledgling Freddie
Feb 2, 2004
As title says selling this little beauty for 5p+, stats r:

Name: Tempered Shadowbound Vest

Level: 51 Quality: 100

AF: Bonus:

Effect 1: 10 Strength

Effect 2: 4 All Melee Skill Bonus

Effect 3: 7 Strength Cap Increase

Effect 4: 8 Constitution Cap Increase

Effect 5: 2 Melee Speed Bonus

Effect 6: 32 Hits Cap Increase

This is kinda rare i think but it has a cool gfx which is a leapord(sp?) skin kinda thing i never seen it b4 and the picture on alakazam isnt the same as it. continu

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