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  1. acei

    acei Fledgling Freddie

    /houseface 94 #2 Oakwick = acei's cottage

    Currently for sale:
    MP chain coif = 2p
    MP cloth robe = 1.2p
    MP cloth pointy hat = 600g
    SC Dragon gem (e.g. the gem required to mount the dragon remains) = 500g
    Healing/endurance/power potions = 4g/each
    Lots of DF items
    LOTS of high util ROG's and none ROG's

    /houseface 163 #5 Waterford = filofix/telaron/geldrik's villa

    Currently for sale:
    Vanquisher = 4p
    Cleric sidi gloves = 3p
    Cleric sidi boots = 3p
    Paladin sidi sleeves = 4p

    MP arcanium chain hauberk x 3 = 5.5p
    MP arcanium chain gloves = 1.5p
    MP arcanium chain legs = 3p
    MP arcanium plate breastplate = 5p

    LOTS of 99% AF102 chain/plate/leather all available

    Loads of gobbo gems, all available for 50g/each

    LOADS (and i mean LOADS) of glowy weapons available, also including the special weapon Fallen Archer's Dagger which makes you do a backflip when you evade :)

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