WTS FOTM Infil Suit

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  1. Yussef

    Yussef Fledgling Freddie

    [font=verdana, arial, helvetica]Goodies included:

    Royal Assassin's Vest - reactive 225pt heal
    MP Leather x5 - reactive ablative x5
    MP Cloth Boots x1
    MP Gladius - 20% haste proc
    Azure Eviscerator - 11dps damage add proc
    Grand Summoner's Silken Mantle
    Sacristan's Coward Belt

    Items required to complete the template:

    2 Infernal Black Diamond Rings
    Ancient Roman Coin
    Ancient Copper Necklace
    Roguish Bracer
    Bracer of the Stealthy

    What the template caps:

    Everything except 8 Envenom and 8 Str, next patch will introduce a new Infernal Black Diamond Ring. Two of the new rings will cap Str also.

    Minimum bid: 50 plat, buyout 70 plat
    Close date 31st January, 8PM GMT

    Want to sell as a set, may sell items alone after. Also the items have never been repaired.[/size][/font]

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