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WTS Alot!

Discussion in 'Crafting and Trading' started by Mutoria, Mar 12, 2005.

  1. Mutoria

    Mutoria Fledgling Freddie

    All these items are on my CM at 3204:

    - Ring of the Heavens(x2) - 15p each
    - Battler 3/3 - 5p
    - Vest of reveries - 15p
    - ns vest of delusions - 15p
    - Large magma infused defender - 7p
    - ring of the torrent - 5p
    - battler arti - 2p
    - Twisted hair of malamis - 10p

    and more stuff that i cba to list!

    I am after: woven hair of malamis and guard of valor arti if you want to trade!
  2. Mutoria

    Mutoria Fledgling Freddie

    battler 3/3 sold,

    Shades of mist 6p, on there now,
    and wall glyph book and some sother stuff
  3. Lalin

    Lalin Fledgling Freddie

  4. Mutoria

    Mutoria Fledgling Freddie

    one ring of the heavens sold, taking torrent ring off the market!
  5. Valgyr

    Valgyr Fledgling Freddie

    i think ill take the 2nd ring of heaven
  6. Mutoria

    Mutoria Fledgling Freddie

    both ring of heavens sold, and I dont need gov anymore

    nearly every thing else for sale still! I still need woven hair of malamis so maybe we can work out a deal!
  7. Zovic

    Zovic Fledgling Freddie

    give me it all, and u can have mine xD
  8. Aliorm

    Aliorm Fledgling Freddie

    How much for Wall Glyp book? :)
  9. Mutoria

    Mutoria Fledgling Freddie

    just 3/3 left on there for 4p;o (3204)

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